Consider a donation to the PlayUO website

PlayUO has been created for the Ultima Online community to offer a place for shard world builders to come together. We have really spared no expense with this website, starting with the purchase of the XenForo forum software at a cost of $140 for the bare bones forum system. Unfortunately, the extra stuff to the forums also cost money, not to mention the web host provider expense.

We use LinkSky, a commercial web host company, not just some home PC that runs web server software. While this cost is not super expensive at ~$10/mo, it is still an out of pocket expense. We have paid 15 months in advanced ( as of 9/2014) to ensure this site stays online without interruption. We have used LinkSky for well over a decade with other various sites, and can not think of one time in all the years they have had any sort of slow connectivity or down times. If you are in the market for Web Hosting, see more information about them and the bonus referral program that can help both you and PlayUO here with 3 free months for both your new hosting account and ours, on this forum thread.

XenForo site addons such as the Resource Manager and the Post Rating System you all use here are extra expenses. We have purchased a few plugins for this site, and there are still many that we intend on purchasing in the near future. We also have other ideas to come later, should we be able to both pay for and develop them.

Having a donation option here is a bitter sweet position for me. I do not want anyone to get the idea that it is for our own personal gain. However, at the same time with all I have mentioned so far, I think you can get the idea that our building and running this site does take more than time. We have put quite a lot of money into this site so far, and have a lot more things that will cost money to come. There have been a number of good folks that have actually requested we place a donation option on here to help cover these costs, and I sincerely appreciate that.

Each person that donates will be recorded and in the near future we will come up with some sort of way to give thanks to these folks beyond just a thank you! We will certainly make sure that those who donate get some recognition, and more likely some sort of nice extra something on the PlayUO website.

We want to thank you for your consideration for a donation, and even more thanks for actually making one! I can promise you all that anyone that spends enough time on the PlayUO site will certainly come to know that we are doing this to help toe Ultima community! And again, is not for our own personal gain! Well, not financial anyways! Of course we want to gain a wonderful community of folks that come here to help each other, and build a terrific emulator we can all share with our players!

The donate button below will take you to a paypal purchase order page, preset with our paypal account and the PlayUO donation entry. You only need to enter the dollar amount you wish to donate and whatever payment method you wish to use. I assure you that even the smallest amount will be as helpful and appreciated as any!

So thank you all! We appreciate all of your support!

Dian and Talshani, and