Addon Editor Ver 3

Tool to easily edit Addons

  1. zerodowned
    Notice: Ver. 3 includes an update that prevents crashing. Please update if you have an older version.

    I've had this idea for a while after learning you can nullify an addoncomponents Addon.

    To use:
    Drag and drop in your scripts and use the command [addonedit

    What it does:
    -Allows you to add items to an existing addon
    -Allows you to remove items, or delete them from an addon
    --Remove: just removes it from the addon, so you can move it to somewhere else on the addon and then readd it
    --Delete: removes and deletes the item

    You can add both static and non-static items. Non-statics will be "converted" to static items and non-static item deleted.

    Uses: Other than shard decorators, I'm not sure. But being able to "link" items to an addon, so you can easily move/delete them all at once is a nice benefit in my opinion.

    - I noticed an issue with the gump not closing, that's been fixed and I added a close button to the upper right corner

    * Added Basic Addon: single tile addon to use for creating new stuff
    -- New button in the Editor gump allows you to easily create/add one

    * AddonEditorTool: an item that when doubleclicked will bring up the Editor gump. For those of you who prefer to use items over commands

    # Corrected multiple issues with the gump and how it functioned.
    # Added a check to see if the selected Addon is null or deleted
    # Fixed an issue that will crash the shard if you try to add anything other than an existing AddonComponent.

Recent Updates

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