Arya's Auction System + Tresdni's Auction Bot 2014-11-18

UO's first auction bot system!

  1. Tresdni
    I've cleaned up Arya's auction system and wrote UO's first auction bot system to make sure this stays full of items for your players to buy!

    Setting up the auction system

    • Use [initauction in-game, it will product a controller stone for the auction system itself.
    • Then, do [add auctionbotcontroller and target next to that stone. This will produce a controller for my auction bot system.
    • Create a character on your admin account named something like "Lord British" and pull them near the auction bot controller.
    • [props the auction bot controller, and set the auction bot as your newly created character.
    • Use [auctionbotrefresh to fill your auctions for the first time.
    • Auctions will automatically clean themselves up and be refreshed on their own from this point forward.
    • Spawn auctioners ([add auctioner) in your own created auction houses in towns, or your choosing.
    • Players can open the auction system by standing near them and saying "auction". Admins can use [auction from anywhere to manage the system and to see current auctions.

    Now, once a day, my system will fill your auctions with 100 new auctions. You can change which type of items get put into your auctions, but I've set a lot of basic ones as great examples. You can also change it to do just like 40, 100, etc, you will see where that is set in my script.

    Thanks to Arya (years ago) for this great auction script. I'm happy to provide you a way to make the system more useful, and especially as a great gold sink.
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Recent Reviews

  1. IanSmellios
    Version: 2014-11-18
    Works great! Plug-n-Play 100%
  2. Sareus
    Version: 2014-11-18
    Totally Plug-n-Play beautiful!
  3. Greed
    Version: 2014-11-18
    Plug and Play and amazingly cool