High Seas new ships 2.02

New boats and galleons from the High Seas expansion

  1. Regnak
    This ressource includes the following additions :

    - New boats and galleons with smooth movement and mouse control
    - Boat fighting with cannons
    - Boat painting
    - Security settings through a menu on the Tillerman

    Please consider many people contributed to this package. First nibbio from runuo who created the core files and architecture. Then Jase Giffin from servuo who helped with the way to access the ships (ropes and recall). And I won't forget Macil and his friends who helped with tests and gave me a lot of ideas and bugs to correct :)

    The current version isn't fully over yet. So please report any bug and be tolerant to the state of the package, which will evolve with time and effort.

    Thanks everyone who said they enjoyed this resource !



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Recent Reviews

  1. shazzy
    Version: 2.02
    Can't wait for your next update! Super job!
  2. KilraYan
    Version: 2.02
    this is an awesome work! One of the best that can be found. Very well made and detail-cared.
  3. Jase
    Version: 2.02
    Ya did good my friend. Keep up the great work.
  4. Dian
    Version: 2.01
    Excellent job on this, it just gets better and better each update!
  5. Keith
    Version: 2.00
    You're the only one who is still actively working on and releasing the high seas boat content, thank you for that! Keep up the updates, we look forward to them!