XSpawner v1.1 w/ XMlSpawner Ultimate Docs 1.3

GUI /Gump Front End For XMLSpawner

  1. Demented
    UPDATED To V. 1,2 see Updates

    This is a GUI gump driven Base Front End for the every so Popular XMLSpawner to make a GM's spawning Life easier to Spawning your Shard, I also included a compiled Documentaion of HowTo's and other useful info on using XMLSpawner.... Gui is Based off of Nerun's Premium Spawner Gump I just did some Modifications to it to Suit My Needs... Thankx Nerun & Arty for all your guys wonderful work.

    Very Straight forward..No Exsisting files Need to be Moddified..Just drop it any where you Please and GO

    I Personaly have it in a sperate folder along with the XMLSpawner Core Files are Located

    Features for v1.1:
    - Cleaned up some of the code
    - Added Respawn Facet Command
    - Added Respawn All Spawners command
    - Added An Ultimate Documentations For XMLSpawmer

    Features of v1.0:
    - Added Command for Creating entire World..Spawns Everything!
    - Added Command for Spawning Individual Facets
    - Added Command for Removing Spawns From Individual Facets

    - Added a Command for Saving Entire Spawned World to a file (World.XML)
    - Added a Command to Show All Spawners
    - Added a Command to Hide All Spawners
    - Added a Command to Clear all Facets
    - Added a Command to make your Self a GM..Give hooded GM Robe..Hide Ball..GM Ring..
    - Added an Edit Spawner Command For Adding Dialog
    - Added A Conversion For turning RunUo Spawns yo XML Spawns