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Discussion in 'JustUO Bug Reports' started by Greed, Apr 25, 2015.

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  2. nightshark

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    The original already does give +0.3 for 100 or more LJ, it gives 0.2 here:

    modifiers += ((lumberValue / 5.0) / 100.0);
    then an extra 0.1 here:

    if (lumberValue >= 100.0)
    modifiers += 0.1;
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  3. zerodowned

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    nightshark good to see you coming over from the RunUO boards

    if lumberjacking is say over 100 though then Greed is correct

    120 skill will give you a total modifier of 0.34 but i think in the code that double would be converted to int and i think it's rounded down?
    so it would still be .3

    if you allow your players to go higher than 120 then let me know so i can pwn with a hatchet
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  4. nightshark

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    Oh yeah that is correct. For some reason I totally missed the "capped" part of the post and thought Greed was saying the bonus isn't .3 or more for over GM lumberjacking.
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