3 Deco TableSaws 2014-11-02

addon Deco Tablesaws with animated Blades

  1. Cass_Winterhaven

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    3 Deco TableSaws - addon Deco Tablesaws with animated Blades

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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Very cool, will have a look at these for sure :)

    And yes, would be even better to turn logs to boards or even pull the carpentry craft gump from it! Great idea!
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  3. jamesreg1973

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    Runuo somewhere has table saws that turn wood to boards I remember playing with it once I dont remember the guys name but it was the guy who also made the stargate gates that made them if that helps anyone find them
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  4. jamesreg1973

    jamesreg1973 Illustrious Member

    Here is the working tablesaws did not test for Justuo comparability these are runuo 2.0

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