Any Tutorial that works any more?

Discussion in 'Map Work Discussion' started by Lancet, May 8, 2016.

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    Hi guys,

    I've spent something like 10 hours the last two days running through lots of different tutorials for Dragon or MapGenerator so I can create a base map, none of the tutorials work. I find the tutorials always seem to leave out crucial bits of information!

    My specs:
    UO AOS installation.
    Client Version 4.0.1b (Patch 8)
    POL shard - not RunUO, but shouldn't make a difference.​

    This MapGenerator Tutorial at least paints the correct terrain but a) when I ran the map generator players were unable to move on the map, just stuck on one tile of terrain, or if they run for a little distance they fall down an invisible hole or hit an invisible wall. Also c) further down the thread the OP starts talking about DIF files which I cannot even see exist in my UO install folder?!

    Please help, I only have one life to live :)


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  2. Lancet

    Lancet PlayUO Prospect

    If I had to guess, it actually feels like the original Britannia map still exists, but MapGenerator just paints a different map on top, but I'm probably wrong, I have no clue WTF is happening.
  3. Lancet

    Lancet PlayUO Prospect

  4. Lancet

    Lancet PlayUO Prospect

    For the sanity of others, after countless hours experimenting and taking random stabs in the dark, there was a UOConvert.exe in my root POL directory which looks to be concerned only with multis like ships and houses... IT ALSO FIXES THE MAP.

    Go figure.

    I'm going to go claw my eyes out now.

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