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Discussion in 'Sweet Dreams Inn' started by Allmight, Jan 21, 2015.

  1. Allmight

    Allmight Administrator JustUO Developer

    ... or wherever i have been the last decade.

    Just thought i would drop a small post here to introduce myself.

    I am an old UO fan, been playing UO since early beta. After awhile i stumbled over the UO emulator community and tried most of the early emulators of the time. Somewhere along the line i collided with another UO fanatic, well actually, there were 2, Dian and Talshani. We started working on a shard together where i did the scripting and they worked on a new map (think it's the same one they still work on).

    Anyhow, after awhile i found out about RunUO, when it still was in early beta, and we tried it, and fell in love with it (well, maybe not love, but you get the idea ). For a few years we worked on the project together, but one day real life kicked us in the butt (real hard i might add, still sore back there), and in time we spoke less and less.

    Yeah yeah, i know, stop rambling ye old fart. Okay, i get it, i will round this of...

    So anyhow, now i am back and eager to start working on scripting again, and even have plans to make a new replacement for the old and outdated SpawnEditor2 (one heck of a tool at the time), and maybe join the dev team if they want and old fart like me.

    Nowdays i work as a programmer, both web and software development. I develop ASP.NET (MVC and WebForms) apps for the web and C++ and C# apps for windows, so i have some expertise in programming. Even done a few games, both in C++ and C#.

    Anyho, i will stay here and pester you all, and make your lives miserable, well, Dians at least.

    Okay, enough of my ego. See you all out in the trenches (err, rest of the forum ).

    *nods and walks of
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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Welcome back Buddy :) Great to have you around again!
  3. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    Welcome back to the scene!
  4. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    Welcome back Allmight! I've seen you around the uo community and have only heard good things! SpawnEditor2 was/is a very useful and cool program if i do say so myself.
  5. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Welcome back Allmight! Just like old times :Happy: Glad Dian finally got you to get the UO itch back :Wacky:
  6. Allmight

    Allmight Administrator JustUO Developer

    Thanks all :Smile:

    Well, after he threatened me with the whip he keeps in his closet, i really did not have much choise :Whistling:
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  7. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Not saying a word! :Speechless:
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