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    Want To Complicate Things And Convert Your Images To A String
    That You Can Embed Into Any Program You Create?​

    This is a sort of copy protection because it makes it harder for people like me to steal your images :)

    So the story goes... I'm looking through the UO WatchDog application one day and I noticed that the developer(s) had an unusally long string in their code. I didn't know what it was or how it was used because it was just a mismatch of letters, symbols, and numeric values; so I did what any other guy would do in the community and played devils advocate with a trial and error method. I deleted the string and guess what I found out, It was a picture!! When I deleted the string, I also deleted a picture the developer(s) had put in the application. So I looked at their code and did some research and I figured out how they did it. This program will convert any bitmap image to a string like the one mentioned above. Have fun :)

    The Image Doesn't Actually Appear There... But I Opened The Above Image With The Program And Got The String Below:


    If You Paste This String Into Your Code Where You Want To Place The Image... It Will Appear In Your Program. Have Fun!

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