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    A, small, group of long term UO vets and myself have decided to put a shard online, pre-AOS era and with a focus on player engagement in both the role play aspects, as well as standard game play, pvp.

    We would like to slowly, transition the world from the original UO story line and break it off into it's own genre.

    If there is anyone whose not already involved with another shard, has the interest in being part of a shard launch and growth and is script savvy - please reach out. We have a person who is excellent with graphics creation and may have someone who is good with client programming (we want to launch our own installer, patch and announcements system) .... however, any talent is helpful.

    It would be nice to see where such a project could lead - even with the existence of other, well known, shards and the new releases from Broadsword.


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