CentrED+ Edited Fel Isalnd

An abandoned pirate camp with some bloody trails to an odd graveyard.

  1. Sareus

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  2. Hank

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    I love to see hard edits to the default maps. Keep it up! I'm interested to see where this will go. This cabin makes me wonder what happened. Was it a family? Perhaps a gang of criminals who's days were numbered? Or maybe some creatures attacked and dragged off who ever was inside! ooh its so much fun to imagine the possibilities.

    You may be able to cover up some of the cave texture aka hole in the graveyard by using the edge dirt: 0x1B27 - 0x1B3E. If you do try them I also suggest finding a nice dark brown hue to hue them as by default they're too light to match the dirt.

    There is also some possible ways to distribute only portions of a map that people can then apply to their map(s) with tools like uofiddler. Send me a PM if you're interested and we can work out the details.
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  3. Sareus

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    Thank you, This is actually my first hard edit straight onto a map I use to use UOArchitect I believe. That was an drag and drop designs method of the time. So I decided Id give it a go and ended up with this work in progress that I'm quite fond of personally. Not included in the cabin picture: that rope is attached to a board-able Gray pirate ship. I found a room on the default map with 2 ships in it and used them for a bigger ship template.

    Ill try to get some picture of a little abandoned community of ruins I built on another Island and possibly the Fisherman Haven I created near the great waterfall in Tram. I have a lot of deco items for daily rares and stealables on my shard so I was in need of a lot of new locations. On that note if anyone knows of any good custom or default dungeon templates Im in need of some help with a few caves/dungeons.
  4. Dian

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    If you were interested, Carl Hamilton has a massive amount of custom Dungeons avaliable on his DarkShard site :)
  5. Sareus

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    Were exactly what i was looking for Thank you!

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