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    *This little guide assumes first that you know how to at least setup and run CentrED+

    So we have a map and just want an area moved from one place to another? This is done very easily with CentrED but can seem confusing. First of all, we will assume CentrED is up and running and you have the proper access etc.
    *In the post I will refer to opening the MiniMap. This is done by pushing the button top right on the CentrED main editor window. With the MiniMap open, you can click on any area of the map overview screen and it will move the CentrED main map editor window to that area. This helps go to a location quickly and is useful for the operation explained here.

    Okay, so we have CentrED started and ready. We have an area in mind to move and decided where it needs to be moved to. First thing we want to do is open the Global Operations window, found under the Administration Tools tab at the top left of the main editor screen. With it open, Check/Select the Copy/Move check box, top left.

    OpenGlobal.jpg GlobalOp-Select.jpg

    We are ready to select an area on the map overview window. This is done by simply click and dragging a box over an area. You can start by click and holding from the top left area, dragging to the lower right.. or any combination of.


    You should notice now, that there is a coordinate entry in the text field on the center left of this window. As well as X Y editing fields at the lower left. IF you did not drag the correct selection box over your area, you Highlight the coordinate entry, and push the little red X button below the coordinate window to remove that entry and try again.
    The Coordinate entry editing box's at the bottom left allow you to fine tune the selection box by using the Up/Down arrows. Highlight any one of the X Y box's and press the up/down arrows to increase or decrease the selection box over the area you selected, and the selection box will adjust accordingly.

    With the selected area done, we can now move on to entering in the area we want to MOVE it to. PRESS the actual words Copy/Move next to the check box, and this will change the map overview window to the Copy/Move details page.

    Here, we want to choose if we are going to copy or move an area, where it will go, and if we want to delete the original area after it is moved. Lets assume we are just copy and pasting the area.
    For selecting the area to move to, press the little mouse arrow icon and select whatever corner of the box you wish to use as the starting reference of the new area. (I typically use the top left)

    SelectNewArea.jpg SelectArea2.jpg

    *There are a couple different ways to do this, but this is how I found to be very quick and easy

    Once you have pressed the Arrow Icon for the Offset, open the MiniMap overview. Single click the Upper Left corner of the new area you wish to move your original area to. This will move the Main Editor window to that area. Minimize or close the MiniMap, and target the tile that you want to be the Upper Left corner of your original selected area box.

    UseMiniMap.jpg TargetAreaTile.jpg

    Once you click a tile of your choice, your Global Operations window will pop back up to top, and you should be ready to run the command. You should take this time to review your work.

    At the top left again, where the Copy/Move check box is listed, and highlighted still, press the words Select Area that are found written just above the Check Box Copy/Move and it will switch the window back to the Map Overview screen again. You should now see BOTH selection windows, the original and the area to move to. If the seem correct, you are good to press the RUN button on the lower right of the window.

    The Window will minimize/close, and a splash screen should appear with the CentrED logo, and a message under saying your name preforms a large operation. Depending on how large an area and the hardware of your PC, the time will vary.

    In the end, you should have the main editor window open back to normal now, at the Upper Left corner of the new area box still. You may move the screen down right to see the new area, or any other method of moving the main editor window.
    Here is a MiniMap overview again of the finished procedure.


    And if you noticed the original map image at the beginning of this, here is the finished product of of that map after moving areas around and some other work and operations.
    I hope I have not missed anything, and please keep in mind that this really only covers one way out of a couple to do this. There are a few other minor different ways to go about this operation, but this will get you going :)

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    It should be noted that you can also manually enter the coordinates rather than dragging the selction box around, as that can be cumbersome, and not very precise.

    A great (and highly accurate) way to get the exact coordinates you want, and also to play around with where you'd like to move a segment of map, is to use an image editor such as Gimp (its free). Simply generate a bmp or jpeg image of your map using Fiddler. Open the image in Gimp. From here you find the area you'd like to move. The coordinates show in Gimp on the image match up exactly to the coordinates you would enter in CED/CED+.

    Pro tip: Color the corners of your map selection before copying it to a recognizable color like pink, orange or bright red. This will help especially if you're moving an island or something surrounded by water.

    You can then use the selection tool in Gimp to "grab" the area you'd like to play with, and Copy it. Then just Paste it right back onto the map. Now with the "move" tool you can slide that segment of the map around and find exactly where you'd like it to sit. Now find you're pre-colored corners and you have your coordinates for CED(+).
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    Are you $%^&$@% kidding me! ROFL, I would never have thought you could or should for that matter click on the copy/move text.... Sheesh that text needs to be underlined or have your cursor change when hovering over the text -- damn! Nice one Dian, awesome tutorial. Thanks so much!
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  4. Dian

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    Hahaha, thats funny you say that about clicking the text, because I stumbled onto that completely by accident :Laugh:
  5. Carl Hamilton

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    GUI standards man, GUI standards!!!!
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    I created a RTF file for Wordpad with your tutorial and put it on the Development DVD, others will really need this tutorial. I credited you and put your website link as well. :)
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    Dian, can u help me? i have a big problem with move landtile :/
    this is my problem's documentation with screenshot: https://www.servuo.com/threads/centred.1376/page-4#post-26237
  8. Dian

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    Its been awhile since I have done this stuff. But seems you are having trouble with getting the land tiles to be included in the move process? If I remember, it seems that somewhere in the options stage, there should be a check box to select static tiles, land tiles etc, to be included in the copy/move function.
  9. willfaith

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    this? This requires tiles, but I believe it to create a new place and not to move one already

    likely the problem will be this fact in the folder they exist only statics.mul and those they copy / move well. while there are map0 both mul and uop and probably modifying tile / land occurs only on map0.mul (read by centered, razor and uoam) while the 7.0.41 read map0legacy.uop client to view them in game

    I read several guides on uofiddler and uopacker plugin for convert from mul in uop and vice versa, but when I start uofiddler but last label it' isnt uo packer. and even if I do find load plugin. yet the dll is in the downloaded rar file
  10. Dian

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    Are you getting any errors when you do this operation, or does it just seem like it does nothing at all?

    You really want to have your map files for CentrED setup with only the set of files you need. No duplicate map or static files. Have either the MUL or UOP set that you are using in there.
    I believe it does work a bit better when using the MUL type files, at least when I used it last.

    The difference between a map0.mul and a map0x.mul file is minimal. the Map0.mul is the actual map that the client uses for the game map, and the Map0x.mul file is virtually the identical map, but it will contain any small differences for short term changes to the map. (I think that is correct)
  11. willfaith

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    we both both mul uop in the same folder, I think that's the problem. 7.0.41 that the client reads the uop while centered, razor and uoam read the mul. I just convert the map0 in uop but I can not load uopacker of fiddler -.-
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  13. Joshua

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    Are there any reports of CentrED breaking the boat rapping on standard fel tram maps when modified?

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