Command Control NPC Command 1.00

Take control of an NPC by easy command

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    Control NPC Command - Take control of an NPC by easy command

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  2. Dian

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    There use to be a script similar to this that I had, I am almost sure it was posted on RunUO but have not been able to locate it in all my searching..

    You would use a command similar to this script, but rather than posses the NPC, you would get a gump with direction arrows and other various input buttons like speach entry, etc.. to take control of the NPC by 'remote control'

    If anyone knows anything about this script, please let me know! I have spend hours trying to locate this script.. searched all my HD's and CD's, turned up empty.
  3. zerodowned

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    I remember this script from a few years ago, does it let you take control of another player too?
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