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    Custom Fishing System (Works with RunUO 2.2 and 2.3)
    By Carl Hamilton 2013

    Each fish type requires a certain level of skill to be able to catch that class of fish. As your fishing skill increases you will begin to catch the higher level fish. I've also modified the cooking system so that the new fish types can be cut into fish steaks of each type of fish and as your cooking skill increases you will become better at making fish steaks from the different types of fish as well as become better at cooking them. The better you get the more fish steaks you will be able to get when cutting up the fish, and the more fish steaks you will sucessfully be able to cook properly.

    Here is a list of the new fish types that I've added. They use the new fish graphics from UO:AoS and higher.

    Spotted Bass
    Summer Bass
    Rockscale Cod
    Rainbow Trout
    Darkscale Grouper
    Big Fish
    Prized Fish
    Wondrous Fish
    Truly Rare Fish
    Peculiar Fish

    Here is a list of the new fish food types that I've added.

    Raw Fish Steak
    Raw Spotted Bass Steak
    Raw Summer Bass Steak
    Raw Sagefish Steak
    Raw Catfish Steak
    Raw Halibut Steak
    Raw Rockscale Cod Steak
    Raw Rainbow Trout Steak
    Raw Carp Steak
    Raw Salmon Steak
    Raw Darkscale Grouper Steak

    Once cooked sucessfully they become the following food that can be eaten to gain stats.

    Fish Steak
    Spotted Bass Steak
    Summer Bass Steak
    Sagefish Steak
    Catfish Steak
    Halibut Steak
    Rockscale Cod Steak
    Rainbow Trout Steak
    Carp Steak
    Salmon Steak
    Darkscale Grouper Steak

    There are also 4 types of fishing poles added into the game, and each type requires a certain level of fishing skill before it can me used. You can add the new poles into a vendor for sale, or they can be obtained via quests I'll leave that part up to the shard developers.

    Fishing Pole (standard one)
    Sturdy Fishing Pole
    Strong Fishing Pole
    Steel Fishing Pole

    This makes fishing and cooking alot more fun and now has a more practacle use. From this system tons of other things can be added in, including quests or fishing events etc... I developed this system and anyone can use or add to it and re-release as they see fit.

    When the RAR file is extracted it will create a Custom folder containing all of the scripts for the fishing/cooking system. If you have made changes to your fishing or cooking scripts already then you will need to integrate my changes into your scripts so you don't loose your changes. If you haven't made any changes to the original scripts then simply extract the RAR file into your RunUO folder and your good to go.

    Carl Hamilton

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  2. Dian

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    Wow, Nice Carl! Thanks!
  3. Talshani

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    Makes you hungry just reading his post! :confused:
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  4. Sareus

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    Wow! very well thought out and well executed idea!
  5. Carl Hamilton

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    I always loved the idea of fishing but felt it was lacking. :)

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  6. Döschl

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    insert all scripts (my arnt customized) and get the following errors:
      + Custom Systems / VitaNex / Core / Items / Food / Magical / MagicalFood.cs:
         CS0115: Line 98: 'VitaNex.Items.MagicFood.CheckHunger (Server.Mobile)': Could not find a suitable method for overwriting.
      + Items / Special / Holiday / HolidayFoods.cs:
         CS0115: Line 67: 'Server.Items.BaseSweet.CheckHunger (Server.Mobile)': It
    no suitable method found to override.
    Scripts: One or more scripts failed to compile or no script files were found.
    what can i do?

    Greetings Döschl
  7. Crome696

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    Fix the methods for Checkhunger, so vitanex can use it :)
  8. Döschl

    Döschl Super Contributor

    i have no idea, how its going. in these scripts, where the errormessages are...i didnt have change anything.
  9. Carl Hamilton

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    It's happening because you are using JustUO as your EMU, and that script was written for RunUO 2.2 -- While they do use the same scripts there is still much difference in the scripts due to JustUO supporting much later version of the UO client which contains much more content. If you wish to use my Fishing System with JustUO you would be better to cut and paste the changes from my scripts into the default JustUO scripts to ensure you preserve all the other data needed.

    I've not used JustUO as a EMU as of yet, but will be in the near future so I'm not much help with debugging scripts for it at this time.

  10. Talshani

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  11. Dian

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  12. Dungeon

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    Ive had a little bit of extra free time on my hands in spite of a disability im fighting right now. believe ill be taking a look at playuo over all and am interested in checking out this fishing script. im thinking if you made it a custom fit for playuo that would be great, but would also like to see gold panning possibly added to it?
  13. Nass

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    Gold panning doesn't sound like a good match for cooking and fishing to me, even with its relationship with the water. I'd think it would fit in better as an add-on to mining although I'll admit that I don't really know anything about this side of things.
  14. Dungeon

    Dungeon PlayUO Prospect

    gold panning is done in the water and harnesses your fishing skill for small, med, or large nuggets. there could be other things fished up like the occasional fishing net or something. that information is up to the scripter. im willing to help put together any additional ideas i have if the author would like to help add things and bring this to the playuo society specifically.
  15. Nass

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