Crafting DefSewing 1.0

Another Crafting like skill for making Magic Clothes etc...

  1. Demented

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    DefSewing - Another Crafting like skill for making Magic Clothes etc...

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  2. Alchimyst

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    Demented, trying to add this with the option to learn it on ServUO pub 54. I made the playermobile.cs changes but still just lets me make whatever i want without requiring the book. Any idea what i'm doing wrong?

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  3. Demented

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    Sorry Alchim for late response the problem is the numbering is off
    Sewing = 0x07000000

    it should be = 0x10000000, order of these Numbers does matter.... and have to be in sequince... here is a snippet from my player Mobile...

            LibraryFriend = 0x00020000,
            Spellweaving = 0x00040000,
            GemMining = 0x00080000,
            ToggleMiningGem = 0x00100000,
            BasketWeaving = 0x00200000,
            AbyssEntry = 0x00400000,
            ToggleClippings = 0x00800000,
            ToggleCutClippings = 0x01000000,
            ToggleCutReeds = 0x02000000,
            MechanicalLife = 0x04000000,
            HumilityHunt = 0x08000000,
            FireRockMining = 0x10000000,
            JeweledBowCrafting    = 0x20000000,
            Sewing = 0x40000000 
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  4. Alchimyst

    Alchimyst Renowned Member

    Thanks, i figured it out after messing around with other scripts. Really like this addition. :)

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