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The original Dragon with Mod 9

  1. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

  2. GM_Serenity

    GM_Serenity Renowned Member

    What is the difference between the different versions, Dian you sent me a version years ago, prob between 2003-2005, I was building a Middle Earth map.. dont know if you remember, I played on your shard years ago, player name: Anton O'Malley.. looking to build a new map and was looking for your software again. Seems i have found it!
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  3. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Course I remember your mad crafter :)

    If your going to make a map, your in the right place for help for sure :Thumbsup:
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  4. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

    The main difference between the different version of Dragon Mod's is new terrain types added as well as some of the scripts that generate coastlines etc... have been cleaned up so less touchup work is needed manually. There will still be some areas that will need manual touchups depending on how detailed you get with your BMP image. The more detail in the BMP (proper rounded corners and not choppy curves and corners) the less manual touchups will be needed to the generated map via an editor such as CentrED. To my knowledge my Dragon IMod13 offers the most terrain types and cleaned up scripts to date.
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  5. SamP

    SamP Distinguished Member

    Do any of the dragon mods support building maps that are 7168, 4096? I am playing around with maps with the old size (6144, 4096) and those maps work with client version 6. I can't get any of the old maps to work in the new client (7+) without the character going through floors, wrapping around the world improperly, or becoming completely stuck.
  6. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    No, there is not. You would create your map with Dragon and then use a map copy program to copy that map area into a map that is the correct size. That is how I got around that anyways. (I wanted the ML areas anyway)

    Carl Hamilton would know of other methods.

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