Enhanced Client - .uop Map Creation?

Discussion in 'Map Work Discussion' started by MajinCry, Jul 1, 2015.

  1. MajinCry

    MajinCry Distinguished Member

    Hullo lads.

    Been trying to get a custom map into the Enhanced client, but the problem is, I can't find a working .mul to .uop converter, nor have I found any mapping software that natively supports the EC's .uop format.

    The closest I've found, is UOFiddler's .uop plugin, which converts .mul files to the Classic Client's .uop format.

    Which is different to the Enhanced Client's .uop format.

    So aye. Would anybody be able to point me in the right direction for making maps for the EC?
  2. zerodowned

    zerodowned Administrator Moderator JustUO Developer Gold Star Member Et Cetera, Et Cetera

    so if you convert the EC uop to mul and then back to uop the client wont read it?
  3. Talow

    Talow Grandmaster Member

    The file structures for EC and classic are different. They also change the file structure a few times, from what I understand. If my understanding is correct the reason this was done was to slow us down in editing new client info.
  4. MajinCry

    MajinCry Distinguished Member

    Agh, I should have been clear on the work flow.

    The .mul files are created with Mapgenerator 2; I've also tried Dragon 9, but the same thing occurs.

    I've tried to use UOFiddler to convert the .muls to .uop files, nothing happens; it doesn't convert them.

    LegacyMulConverter does the same thing as UOFiddler; it doesn't convert the .mul files.

    I even tried this attachment (can't remember the post I found it from). It converts the .mul to a .uop, but the resultant map in-game is just blackness.

    It could be that I'm doing something wrong; I replace the .uop files in the EC folder with the converted ones, but that just leads to blackness, with my avatar on top, unable to move. Here are the custom map files.

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