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    I feel like I am just missing something simple here. I am running my server on a Linux VPS, which by the way a big shout out to Sith for his tutorial on this. :Thumbsup: I followed his instructions to a T and have everything running fine. However, when I go to [createworld I noticed all facets, Trammel, Felucca, ect. file does not exist. [xmlload Spawns/Trammel.xml does not exist. I tried several different with/without caps and different paths with no luck. The files are indeed located at root/JustUo/Spawns/. I know that somehow my data paths are incorrect but I cant figure it out. Also, my Startup.xml cannot find my client files, even after changing the data paths to their correct location. Thank you all in advance for the help, I am normally pretty good at sorting out the small stuff but this one has me stumped and I am by far a linux expert so bare with me.
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    Disregard lol I got this to work with [XmlLoad /root/Justuo/Spawns/trammel.xml
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