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Discussion in 'Sweet Dreams Inn' started by Darkling89, Nov 18, 2014.

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    Hi all, Just got back into Ultima and found this site while trying to track down the latest runuo source...Its a shame it isn't in development anymore. Checked out the forums and the JustUO repo and loved what I saw, a community with some familiar names from back in the day with some that are new and promising.

    I have worked with RunUO before (RunUO 1.0) and it is actually what got me started in C#. I enjoy programming (my background mainly consists of C++ and C#), and have actively helped develop modding tools and such for games off and on for the past decade. An example of something I have programmed myself back in the day is a .cof editor for Diablo 2 modders(deals with the way animation data is displayed in game, also contains some other information). I would say my level at both C++ and C# is a strong intermediate coming from the fact that no matter how much I learn there always seems to be more that I don't understand.

    I recently moved back to my childhood home in a remote region, so my internet is not the best....56k! if it takes me a while to reply to any messages I don't want anyone thinking that I'm ignoring them or anything. I have plenty of free time at the moment and ultima is what I chose for my winter projects.

    So be expecting some custom scripts once I get settled in :p.
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    Welcome Darkling89
    Funny how once you get into Ultima, there is no kicking it huh? :Smile:

    Glad you like the place, and make yourself at home!
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  4. Darkling89

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    Thanks, Everything is starting to move along nicely. I have my world spawned, Git setup, tons of scripts for reference...After watching me mess around three of my family members decided to join in on the fun. I'm just glad there are enough computers in the house.
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