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Discussion in 'Sweet Dreams Inn' started by Zack, Dec 5, 2014.

  1. Zack

    Zack Renowned Member

    Hey! I'm been around UO for maybe 8ish years now, and I have been involved in messing with scripts and shards for almost all of that time. I did my best to try to find the most currently active emu site out there and this one seems to be the best shot. Hope to learn some stuff, and provide what I can!
  2. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Welcome Zack!
  3. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Welcome man, make yourself at home and thanks :)
  4. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Welcome! :Joyful:

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