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    I am looking around to find a way to get a High Seas server working. And by working I mean with the boats and naval wars. :] Lurking around dozens of old, old forum posts, I finally stumble upon this site. I am grateful to see there is still an active community developing free UO shards and working on getting the latest adds from EA.

    I've tried to get a grasp of what is JustUO by myself, but I'm not quite sure it is what I am looking for. So here, let me explain you what I need and what I understand of JustUO so you can tell me right or wrong.

    What I need :
    I am looking, as I said, for something that supports new High Seas boats. I do not what to go through all the script it requires. It would be a way too long development to add to the rest there is to do. This is my main concern. I also what something that is close or just like RunUO. I don't know how far JustUO has got from it... but I was initially hoping latest RunUO versions would include support for High Seas boats. It doesn't seem to do. A bit sad there. Oh... and all of this has to be flawlessly working with client v. I am not sure what the interactions are emulator/client and do not wish to get into those technicalities, but what I know is that I want my players to use clients.

    What I understand from JustUO :
    From what I've got by reading around, JustUO is forked from RunUO or more to say, the sequel of RunUO. So it has been updated to follow the latests updates or at least mimic them as much as possible. Here is my first concern... Does the fact that JustUO is updated to follow clients up to versions keep it from supporting older ones? From what I've read there are scripts to support High Seas boats too. Just not sure... Are they implemented in the releases or is it an add-on that I need to download? How hard is it to get it to work? Are every boats supported? Anyway, the most important thing I've seen around is active and helpful people. In the end, which ever emulator I decide to go with, I'm happy to at least have this community here that I believe will help out no matter what.

    I would also be very interested in knowing what's more to JustUO than latest RunUO. If you have any pointers on where I can read about this, shoot 'em!


    A bit about me :
    I am an Electrical Engineering student. Been playing UO since I have internet and will keep doing so for as long as I can imagine, judging by what its been so far (we're all there huh?). The High Seas expansion and what it brings really got me curious to see what it's possible to do with it. Other than that... I've been GM on few shards, none that you might know. Local role-play servers with a cool little community. Feeling like this community needs something new and High Seas seem to be fitting.

    I know most C++ object oriented programming concepts so I had no problems in picking up C#... I am somewhat less familiar with how it's been done for RunUO & JustUO though. Still can work my way to do about anything, just takes me a bit of time. ;]

    This post has been way too long already! Hello guys.
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    Firstly, welcome to PlayUO!
    I'll do my best at answering your questions:

    JustUO will support older clients no problem!
    The High Seas expansion and more specifically the boats are not yet implemented in the releases, it is a work in progress. You can find the download for the boats here: http://www.playuo.org/emu/index.php?resources/high-seas-new-ships.8/
    It is relatively easy to install, it requires some modifications of the core files and a re-compile of the server. If there is any problems you come across while installing it feel free to ask on the forums for help and we'll do our best to guide you through the process.
    I believe so, however the system is not fully feature complete and misses some aspects from what is on EA/Broadsword.
    JustUO is in active development while RunUO is not, therefore we have the latest bug fixes and are working to introduce newer system such as Imbuing, Galleons etc. If you're looking for a list of additions, changes etc I would recommend checking out the commit page on the github repostiry found here: https://github.com/JustUO/JustUO/commits/master

    Hopefully that answers some of your questions! Feel free to ask anymore you have!
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    Thank you Jayce! This indeed answers my concerns. I wasn't quite sure how much JustUO was a continuity of RunUO or a forked project. Your answers tell me it is as stable if not better than the latest RunUO release so I'll be just fine with using JustUO. :] Plus it seems to support all I need so, it's cool.

    I have a possible project on the start... Still not official, but it's coming slowly, hence my researches on its feasibility. Depending on how this one forms, I might be around for the next weeks if not months or years (eh! who knows).

    Edit : Can I change my forum name? I didn't realise it was gonna be Fred while making my account, lol!
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    What would you like the name to be?
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    Welcome Fred :) (or whoever you end up becoming :p Just let one of us know what name you want, no problem.
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    Welcome Pulsar! :)

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