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    Hello everyone, I have been around custom role play games for years now, everything from created from the ground up to various UO servers. Most recently been involved with a successful role play server which sadly was on POL. So as that project draws to a close and we begin to think of starting something new, moving to a platform which is updated and being able to use C# is really attractive. The activity and helpfulness of this community is what drew me in and I hope I can give back at least a portion of what I take.

    So quick question, as this would be a very customized shard, custom map, scripts and too lesser degree mobs. Is there any pro or con between using PlayUo vs RunUo? Obviously that you guys are still growing and developing is a huge positive. However it seems developement is more geared toward an out the box shard? Any viable reason I would consider RunUo instead?

    What I loved here was so many scripts on offer, map resources, just seemed to embody what open source should be.
    Thanks to everyone who takes time to answer and I look forward to sharing the journey.
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    I would say that Playuo ( Justuo ) is more up to date [ well, probably. i haven't actually looked at Runuo in a while ] and will soon support Enhanced Client

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