High Seas new ships 2.02

New boats and galleons from the High Seas expansion

  1. KilraYan

    KilraYan Distinguished Member

    I got a bug report (hoply simple to solve)


    These cant be triggered anylonger using the new boat system, when you utter the word nearby.

    public override void OnSpeech(SpeechEventArgs e)
                Mobile from = e.Mobile;
                if (!e.Handled && from.InRange(this, 10) && e.Speech.ToLower() == this.Word)
                    BaseBoat boat = BaseBoat.FindBoatAt(from, from.Map);
    BaseBoat should be BaseShip, but Tillerman and FindBoatAt function will return directive errors due to no longer available.
  2. grimm92

    grimm92 PlayUO Prospect

    Hello! Boats are working great so far I ran into a crash though when using a cannon and attacking my server crashes, is there a fix for this by chance?

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  3. Regnak

    Regnak Illustrious Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    I'm working on a new version :)

    Hopefully crash free lol

    PS : stack overflow crash is fixed in next version.
    The flaw is in the movement packet (and how I deal with it)
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  4. jermore

    jermore PlayUO Prospect

    Okay so I have serialization errors with this (actually running it on RUNUO 2.4 heavily modified). It seems to occur when I manually pilot (mostly because I can thrash the ship around I think).

    I believe the problem is that the ship's multi can save temporary objects that have no serialization method.
    I have ambient waves that can sometimes hit the hull (these items also self-delete when they do so) and it seems directly responsible for causing serialization errors in the ships. Blocking the wave item from the serialization list in BaseSmoothMulti solved the issue. I suspect the crash will also happen with other things with no serialization and could be pretty nasty on live shards left unchecked.

    Otherwise a really great addon, it was trivial to install into my server - even though I already have my own modified HS ships and cannons.
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  5. Regnak

    Regnak Illustrious Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Thanks for the great feedback ... :)

    I'm on it and will release the next update in August, hopefully.

    Sorry for the long delays, real life been busy and tough but getting back on track step by step. I'll do my best to finish this project asap

    Thanks again to everyone who gave crucial feedbacks. I know exactly what to work on :)
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  6. Regnak

    Regnak Illustrious Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Back on track :)
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  7. Regnak

    Regnak Illustrious Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Hey !

    Just wished to give signs of life. I'm not dead ... just dead alive ;)

    I'll be right back with both a new shard and new version of the Galleons (adapted for PlayUO only ... as it seems some of the work was taken over ServUO, I won't be supporting their version ^^ ).
    The version here will be 100% pure "OSI style" as it was always intended, and won't rely on VitaNex Framework, but just a drag and drop.

    k have fun guys and NEVER GIVE UP HOPE. ;)

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