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Discussion in 'JustUO Bug Reports' started by ruaduck, May 5, 2015.

  1. ruaduck

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    The bug is that you cannot secure objects in a house unless you are the actual owner. When you are friended/co-owned you should be able to say "I wish to secure this". Only person that is supposed to need to lock things down are those that are given Access to the house.

    This causes problems for characters that lock down something like a SoulStone and now they cannot use it because they are not given the permissions for it.

    Co-owners and friends are also account based now and not just character based on OSI. So if 1 char on the account is Co-Owned all chars on that account are. Also being able to secure is also there. Anyone with a higher access level will be able to get into the box also.

    So if someone is friended and secures a box. Even if they mark Owner (meaning them) the Co-Owners and Owners will be able to access, however no other friended accounts will be able to.

    If a Co-Owner locks down a box and marks Owner (meaning them) only that account and the Owner of the house will be able to access the container.

    Also things like Soulstones should be able to be accessed by the account owner within the house if they are allowed in the house.
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  2. Dian

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    well yes, this is not so much a bug, but the housing system has been changed in the commercial game. We will catch up though, yes

    Soul Stones actually do not need be locked down any more though, on the Broadsword shards. The owner can actually use them by just having them in their backpack. So yeah, that needs updated as well.
    I cant remember though, if the character needs to be within a house at least or not.. but it was a nice change that you no longer need it to be secured/locked down to use.

    Thanks, the information is certainly useful
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  3. ruaduck

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    You need to be in a safe logout location to use your soulstone. That means an Inn or a house that you are atleast Friended to. That is why i lock my soulstones down on the floor of my house for all my accounts. So that causes a problem when my Friended or co-owned char needs to use their own soulstone.
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