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Discussion in 'JustUO Bug Reports' started by Crymi, May 7, 2015.

  1. Crymi

    Crymi Illustrious Member

    Not really a bug just noticed that the item insurance gump was missing..

    So i decided to add it.

    If you have a unmodified Playermobile.cs from the repo then you can just replace this one with your one.

    However if you have a modified Playermobile.cs please search for Insurance and Trades within my player mobile and it will highlight all the area's i have modified to allow the gump menu

    Here is a picture incase your unfamiliar with the changes



    Adjust insurance for item value

    From UOGuide
    **Edit updated to fixed version to not show mounts in the gump**

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  2. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    Thank you for your Contribution!!! I have to questionate (untested) if you maybe fixed the issue with mobiles and layers, wich arent insurable, but being listened on the Gump.
    Great work!
  3. Crymi

    Crymi Illustrious Member

    I know it doesn't show blessed or cursed items within the gump..

    Apart from those i am unsure what other pieces should and shouldn't show.
  4. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    I remember a longer while i reported this maybe on servuo, that the insurance gump shows mounts from the mount layer.

    As you may know, the layers also include mount\bank\hair and it seemed that some layers werent ignored by the gump.

    The result will be as followed :
    - Bonded pets wich got insured will drop a non moveable item onto your backpack while the mount goes to internal. You can summon the mount back via petball, but its still registered as your mount, so you cant remount unless you get "dismounted". I´m not at home atm, but i had fixed this a longer while ago.

    Basicly i normaly try to report all issues i find to the "publisher" and give them based on priority a fair time to either recognize or fix the bug. If its recognized and need a fix but the publisher has trouble to fix, iam more then willed to step in, but if the publisher not even reply, i fix myself and not return any reply.
  5. Crymi

    Crymi Illustrious Member

    Must admitt i didn't check the mount until you mentioned it and Yes your correct this did show mounts as being a insurable item.
    I know that other layers like hair bank etc are not included in the gump but mounts were.

    However i ave fixed this problem
    Might not be the best way of doing it but ive tested and it works

    change line 2187

    return ((item.Visible || AccessLevel >= AccessLevel.GameMaster) && (item.Insured || CanInsure(item) ));
    return ((item.Visible || AccessLevel >= AccessLevel.GameMaster) && (item.Insured || CanInsure(item) &&( item.Layer != Layer.Mount)));
    This will stop it from showing up in the gump :)
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  6. Crymi

    Crymi Illustrious Member

    I was wondering if anyone would happen to know the calculations that that new insurance system uses.
    Ive started to add a variable for the cost of insurance but i have no idea on what it uses to get the values of the insurance.


    as you can see from the picture it does work but its nowhere near correct..

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