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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by Dragon Slayer, Jan 6, 2015.

  1. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    I was wandering if Food.cs can be split

    I know you all don't like to mess with stuff but I think food.cs should be called BaseFood.cs and all the food in it should be in its own file like everything else that uses a base

    I know when runuo pretty much started they just though stuff into one or two files just to hurry and have it done. but Im sure we can better organize JustUO to improve on its look so don't just look like a copy of runuo with added stuff.. I know there is so much can be a lot being done... if you dev team don't have time to split it. I can do the food folder and post it and see if its acceptable..
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  2. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Sorry, I tend to disagree.

    There is a good reason the actual food is in the same file as the base class, in fact, this is a very common convention and you will see it all throughout JustUO: boards, logs, ore, etc. You will also see it in other programs that use baseclasses (which is pretty much everything that uses object oriented programming).

    While the compile time is the same if you have each food item as its own file versus all in one file, it creates a TON more files that have to be tracked. That tends to be no fun in Visual Studio, and makes the projects file VERY long.

    I'm afraid I would need a good reason before I agree that its a good idea.
  3. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    And on top of what Ravenwolfe mentioned, when using Visual Studio: having your files split or combined by type/class doesn't improve your efficiency in finding any of that stuff, especially if you're using ReSharper. "Control-T" becomes your best friend in that regard. Once you start using that, all of your code files could be completely jarbled and jumbled and it wouldn't matter a lick.

    If you're still searching for files by hand, or even using Windows Explorer search, and using Notepad/++ or the like - then I could see how this would be helpful. VS is now free (a year after I bought it - bastards!), everyone should make use of it.
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  4. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    so its all about finding it for you guys???

    okay so if that is the case then Runuo has a shitty script set up in the first place

    finding a item or anything in runuo still have to look even if I use all those programs thank god for search..

    scripts folder is a total mess with runuo and JustUO and servuo so still messy saying splitting basefood and food out of it causes more search na doesn't all I was saying just make food.cs and basefood.cs one new file and still would be in the food folder but I see it as a pain for devs because of uploading to githib/svn/ cvs file sites ect...

    M309 I have all the program stuff I need..

    again was just a suggestion or thought...

    But my script folder is three times more organized then runuo or any emu will ever be because its done by Era so its easyer to know where to look for what I need
  5. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Maybe you could just put it up for download so those well organized people can use it?
  6. sith

    sith Super Contributor JustUO Developer

    This has always been the case. Best emulator in this respect IMHO has always been POL. Their code is organized into independent packages that are modular and can be replaced, even while server is running.

    RunUO and friends have always been a little bit of spaghetti code. You get used to it, and they make up for it by having excellent strengths in other areas.
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  7. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    That was my point, which you must have missed. By using Visual Studio with ReSharper it negates the need to look through any folders, subfolders or files to find what file you're looking for. If you're talking about file organization simply for aesthetics, then sure - organization and folder structure matters.

    In any case, with the use of just about all Git tools you can reorganize your file structure exactly how you'd like and still keep up to date with release packages with the click of a few buttons. I don't think any one person has the "right" way to organize the code files for everyone else. It's a matter of personal preference. It would be like all of us having our living room furniture set up the exact same way. It's vastly easier to leave it as it is and let everyone customize it as they'd like; by era, by type, by service etc etc.
  8. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    Okay so lets all forget what you have m309 or what I have or what any dev here has.. If I remember correctly we want users to use it as ease..... I know its a hobby..... but then again some people don't have or want all those tools they just want to download click easy startup and run,..

    okay lets show a good example of a messy folder


    horrible it has commands in it has items in it.. I mean it could be a lot better looking... So again here is what I did as a suggestion for any one else would want to.

    Took and moved all the commands .cs fles to the command folder Made a new Folder Called Config..

    Config has only the files needed to config a startup shard
    Then made a folder Called Core.. this has all the none config files in it..

    Then I moved the items that was In the misc folder out to the items folder where they should be

    So then I deleted the Misc Folder ended up with one extra folder Core

    so now I have Config and Core no misc folder..
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  9. TheDoc

    TheDoc Distinguished Member

    I think the folders are fine. Then again I've used them a long time. I'm thankful that the devs here have helped us keep uo alive with justuo since the creator of servuo isn't around. They picked it up and are bringing what we all love back and that is highly commendable. There are bigger issues for them than folder structure. If I can't find a script file... windows search does just fine helping me look for it.
    Not being rude, just saying these guys are working out bugs, working on new publishes while providing support on the forums at the same time while the also live their day to day lives. Locations of files will come naturally the longer you use the emulator.
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  10. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Thanks Doc, good to see you 'round :)
  11. ruaduck

    ruaduck Renowned Member

    Even though i use Visual Studio, i do like have a well organized file system. The easier to find it within my files tree the better. It seems to me Dragon Slayer is making very good improvements into it. Because as i add contect to the server it is imperative that do a good organization. This makes it easier for me when comparing resources and also when i eventually feel i am good enough to present my Own Resources i want it be able to do as Plug and Play as possible for me saving it and those installing it.

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