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Discussion in 'JustUO Bug Reports' started by Tasanar, May 4, 2015.

  1. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    I just updated to the latest SVN my staff character was turned into a MOB from the gauntlet inside the gauntlet where they spawn and I can not access the other characters in my account because it says "a character is currently online"

    I have updated many times before and this is the first time I have ever had an issue

    I went from the april 17th addition to the may 3rd....
  2. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    It could be user error so I will try again at a later date to update again. Just wondering if anyone else has updated from an older version to the latest SVN anytime soon and had any issues.

    It deleted my staff character and replaced it with the first gauntlet boss. Everytime I restarted by shutting it down the name on my account would change to a different monsters name.

    Any idea what script could cause this? It only seemed to affect staff accounts. My the changes to account.cs?
  3. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    I'm trying to re-create this issue, I have just encountered something similar, where did you log out on your staff char before the "change" happened?
  4. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Steps I Followed To Re-Produce, using a fresh copy of the JustUO, latest version from repo.
    1) Log In, create character (Owner Account)
    2) [CreateWorld, spawn everything with all boxes checked
    3) Log Out At Luna Bank
    4) Save & Restart
    5) Log In To Find Char Named "Thranger" and i'm now a gauntlet boss mob!
  5. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    On Log Out, following crash log is generated:
    Server Crash Report

    JustUO Version 2.0, Build 5.0
    Operating System: Microsoft Windows NT 6.1.7601 Service Pack 1
    .NET Framework: 4.0.30319.18444
    Time: 05/05/2015 14:32:00
    Mobiles: 6882
    Items: 125545
    System.InvalidCastException: Unable to cast object of type 'Server.Mobiles.DarknightCreeper' to type 'Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile'.
    at Server.Mobiles.PlayerMobile.OnLogout(LogoutEventArgs e)
    at Server.LogoutEventHandler.Invoke(LogoutEventArgs e)
    at Server.Mobile.LogoutTimer.OnTick() in c:\Users\Bubbles\Desktop\JUOMAster\JustUO-master\Server\Mobile.cs:line 1988
    at Server.Timer.Slice() in c:\Users\Bubbles\Desktop\JUOMAster\JustUO-master\Server\Timer.cs:line 402
    at Server.Core.Main(String[] args) in c:\Users\Bubbles\Desktop\JUOMAster\JustUO-master\Server\Main.cs:line 639

    - Count: 0
  6. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    Yup - hopefully you being a developer can bring this up. I was always the first boss in the doom gauntlet. I tried logging at Luna and did it again from Britain. You can not access your staff account after that point. Hopefully this gets fixed so I can update as I have NO idea what script is doing it.
  7. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    The problem script has been identified, and we've reverted it in the repo until a fix is done for it.
    So feel free to pull the new commit or just replace your Server/Serial.cs with the file attached below. (Note: Re-Compile is needed)

    Attached Files:

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  8. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    Awesome Ce Jayce thank you very much! I am busy working for the rest of the week but I will re-apply everything this weekend! I was not sure if it was me messing up or not. I am not the best coder but I thought I had updated everything the right way :) the weirdest bug I have ever seen hehe.
  9. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Yeah, that was a weird one. Still working on tracking that down.

    Its my fault, I was testing it and was using an old save instead of starting fresh so I never saw that problem.

    Lesson learned...
  10. TheDoc

    TheDoc Distinguished Member

    I always laugh (no offense intended) when I hear this one because the very same thing happened to me tons of times a few years ago.. it was always when I was incorrectly doing deserialization/serialization with active saves. I'd spawn in the world in Doom as a Gauntlet mobile as well.

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