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Discussion in 'News and Announcements' started by Ravenwolfe, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    JustUO has just been updated to Publish 2! This publish incorporates some minor fixes and some project settings for the development team. More importantly, this publish includes some much need core updates! Be sure to recompile your core (or rerun the JustUO startup executable).

    I want to thank everyone who has stepped up on the Development Team - Tresdni, Kalamus, and Vorspire. I'm truly in awe to be working with people at their level of programming. A special thanks to Vorspire for the core updates, that was a tremendous amount of work!

    Remember that each of these guys have their own shards, jobs, and families and still find time to work on this free project that benefits the community more than themselves. Be sure to thank them when you can.

    We have much more in the works, see you soon!
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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Awesome work guys, Thank you everyone!
  3. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    Thank you guys! Proud to have all of you here :)
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  4. Vorspire

    Vorspire Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    Glad to be able to help :)
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  5. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    Awesome to have a Great Dev team nocking it out hey don't forget to add CanReveal LOL I keep having to read it to core lol every time you update lol.

    oh don't forget some of my osi scripts that haven't been in the servers I know they need you guys to fix some stuff on them I try I try hehe

  6. Regnak

    Regnak Illustrious Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Great work you guys !! :)
  7. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    Regnak I can see the future u join the just uo team hehe I need a pic
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  8. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I just had to let that be voiced again!

    @Vorspire I am just blown away at the amount of work you have put into this :eek: I really am at a loss for words, and thank you really just doesnt seem to cut it! But.. for the moment, until I am able to to find those words.. Thank You!
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  9. Vorspire

    Vorspire Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    Honestly, thanks is enough :) I am a humble guy, and I enjoy doing it, lol.
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  10. Dragon Slayer

    Dragon Slayer Grandmaster Member

    You have made somw amazing scripts over the years as well
  11. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Indeed :) It is an honor to have all of these guys on the JustUO project :cool:
  12. Desttro

    Desttro PlayUO Prospect

    Thank you guys. I hope that PlayUO and chiefly JustUO will be still in development. I'm just going to switch from RunUO to JustUO for my shard.
    So thank you guys once more and keep going :)
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