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  1. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Publish 3 was posted today. This was a major publish and it will require a recompile of your core. Due to the removal of the Food Effects and Slayer Title System, you may get some errors and a request by your server to delete some items. I apologize for any inconvenience with this, but the systems were removed due to some instabilities and the fact that they are not consistent with the goal of staying true to EA servers. You can always add those systems back in if you wish.

    The most noticeable change will be the removal of the OpenUO dependency of the core. OpenUO support has been moved out of the core and into the post compile scripts. The main reason this was done is to remove the need for the server to know the location of your client files PRIOR to compile. With the modification, we can still have the use of the OpenUO library. However, we can now release a pre-compiled version of JustUO, allowing for users who don't know how to compile the core or want a more hassle free version of JustUO. The source files will remain available to everyone, but now we can have releases that don't require the user to compile the core themselves.

    In addition, the JustUOStartup.exe Configuration Tool has been extended to allow other options to be selected and stored in the startup.xml. Again, this is designed for users who want to make simple changes to their shard without having to be a programmer. We will continue to extend this functionality in the future, but for now you can set the following:
    Shard Name
    Client Files Location
    Save Frequency
    Vet Rewards Time
    Pet Bonding Time
    House Decay Time

    After selecting those options, the tool will start your server. If you are working from source files instead of the release, you will want to compile the core BEFORE running the Startup tool (you can use the Compile.Win.bat file which will automatically run the startup tool after compiling your core).

    We recommend that even advanced users utilize the startup tool as it allows for quick changes in the generated xml file without having to alter the files themselves (makes it easier for merging later).

    I will update the tutorials later, but I'm exhausted for now. Thanks again for finding bugs and moving the emulator and the community ever forward!
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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    What a wonderful Christmas present, Ravenwolfe :D

    Thanks for everything!
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  3. zerodowned

    zerodowned Administrator Moderator JustUO Developer Gold Star Member Et Cetera, Et Cetera

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  4. Fenris

    Fenris Super Contributor

    Any command change for a mono compilation was needed after this publish ? A food effect isn't bad :) especially with advanced cooking system by Dragon Slayer but as I see he publish his own hunter/thrist addon in custom section, so I don't cry after old food effect files wipe :) Ahh and one question about enhanced client? Do you got in your todo implementation of this client version support? On my shard we work with DragonSlayer Ec support files and - with couple of small bugs- his addon work well :)
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  5. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    You can still add the slayer title system back in, its pretty much plug and play.

    I don't think you need to change much on the compilation, but you can remove the OpenUO references if you wish (it doesn't hurt to leave them in, just not needed for compile).
  6. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Couldnt the potential item deletion on startup be avoided by the server owner working their serializations and a couple reboots? Or are these changes too extreme for that kind of work out?
  7. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Yes, but there is really no reason, there were no modifications to the files, so if they were using either the title system or the food effects they can just add the scripts back after they update and before they run the server and it wont give any errors. Its not a serialization thing as much as just a missing script thing.
  8. Fenris

    Fenris Super Contributor

    Delete this post please - I solved my mono compiling problem myself :p
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  9. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    Fenris - Could I talk you into posting your fix? I'm not a linux person but if its something we need to know I can make the change.
  10. Vorspire

    Vorspire Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    The top 3 things I would love to do myself, but would like to see the community achieve if such things are seen as necessary;

    Removal of the custom core gumps; the code itself is half of the original SuperGumps code from the VNc 1.x version and has not really been updated since then.
    GumpPlus was pretty much a carbon copy of SuperGumps from a time long since passed.
    The core gumps should be replaced with the standard core gumps from the official RunUO 2.6 core.
    Advanced gump support can be obtained using VNc in JustUO already as it comes pre-packaged.
    The reason I bring this one up is because I feel like it's one of those features that needs TLC, but there are no real references outside of ServUO and JustUO that use it and that will stifle development (note that gumps were not updated with any meaningful changes since the release of JustUO).

    XmlSpawner is responsible for considerable resource usage; the CPU and RAM used by XmlSpawner in the JustUO application pool actually consumes over 50% of the resources needed to run the server.
    This has been reported by others (to myself) during private discussions on performance of shards, and has been observed by myself when utilizing memory profiling applications such as ANTS Memory Profiler and ANTS Performance Profiler; which give a detailed break-down of the resources consumed. I will provide evidence for this upon immediate renewal of my license, which has recently been corrupted by a database error on Red Gate's end.
    XmlSpawner needs some serious TLC, it should be converted to use Type Generics whenever possible and will at the very least, require some implementation of proper memory management and object disposal; with over 50,000 lines of code in the XmlSpawner system (15,000 attributed to XmlAttach alone) I don't see anyone doing it any time soon, but it needs a TO-DO entry at the very least.

    Advanced Enhanced Client support - I've taken the liberty of documenting and providing code for all of the incoming and outgoing EC packets, including error corrections for Wyatt's packet guide on where some of the internal packet structures are inaccurate.
    I'll be honest and blunt - I do not like the Enhanced Client, the reasons as to why don't pertain to this particular reply, so I won't discuss them here, however; this means that I am unwilling to load up the client in order to properly implement all of the incoming/outgoing packets for it - but I would love to see someone take on this task.
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  11. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    I would love to talk to you further on these things when you get some time! The first one I basically understand but need a bit more details on and I will be happy to work on it.

    The memory usage exceeds my current abilities but maybe by discussing it with you I would understand it a bit better. Either way, its something I would love to tackle as it would push me to learn an area that I'm just not comfortable with. I do understand the Type Generics part but I need to learn proper disposal as well.

    As far as EC, I'm with you on not liking the EC but I would love to understand the packet handling better.
  12. Fenris

    Fenris Super Contributor

  13. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    Also missed are many Buffs\Debuffs. I´m working on a Setupable Module for VNC to allow sending Buffs and debuffs and currently crawling data from EA.The Problem here is not the crawling.. 3-4 hours crawiling and write up allows atleast to send Add and Remove all Buffs. The Big job is the Modification on the Core in areas of server\spells\skills and such.

    What i saw so far is :
    • We miss a lot of Buffs\Debuffs by default. Even when we not have Major City Systems, Mana Phase orbs or Bard Mastieries yet, they could already work as buff.
    • Some Spells are working wrong according to EA. Sample is Concrate Weapons where the core Procs 100% but EA base it on skill. Also we dont add dmg just doing the proccing
  14. Zycron

    Zycron Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    This is true my server runs on RunUO 2.6 the last version mark had updated and i use xmlspawner have for years i have slowly been updating it. It would be a very tedious task to get it working efficiently. Although IMO its still the best spawner out there. I might get serious on it and revamp the whole system.
  15. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    I've already done major updates to the XMLSpawner package and we have seen a huge increase in efficiency.
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