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  1. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Publish 4 has been posted today. This publish will require a re-compile of your server core. Release 2 is also available for download, which is a pre-compiled version.
    The publish contains many bug fixes as well as a few feature additions such as an XMLConfig file.
    A full list of bug fixes and additions can be found below.
    A big thank you to all of the community input over the past few months and the amazing work done by the dev team!

    • Yellow health bars & poison health bars not clearing. - Special thanks to Vorspire
    • Tinkering looks for boards not logs.
    • Human Fey Leggings.
    • Essence of Wind - Damage calculation.
    • 'Stablecount' Command
    • S.A Follower slot bonus
    • Acid Elemental body value and stats.
    • Zoogi Fungus drop correction.
    • Pillar Of Strength name.
    • Excess teleporters removed.
    • Barnacle tavern sign relocated.
    • Naturalist quest fix.
    • XMLConfig options.
    • Gargoyles changing form while flying.
    • Improved helpinfo - Special thanks to Lokai .
    • Broken Chair ID.
    • Fame/Karma on loyalty gump.
    • TerMur housing restircted.
    • Queens loyalty added to S.A quest. - Special thanks to Dragon Slayer.
    • Further implementation of loyalty system.
    • Additional bone containers.
    • Ant Lion drops.
    • Heritage Quest typo.
    • SOT update.
    • Sentinel Spider & Wolf Spider stats.
    • Clean up of some XMLSpawners.
    • Champion tweaks for EA accuracy. - Special thanks to Crymi.
    • Runic tools no longer apply attributes twice.
    • Jingasa mage armor property.
    • Pitcher Of Water amount.
    • YellowKey now movable.
    • Collection chest fix.
    • Sand Harvest correction.
    • CreateWorld command edits.
    • Linux compatability updates.
    • ConsoleCommands - Hear.
    • XMLSpawner - UTC time.
    • Wrong Mobiles
    • Communication Crystal bug fix.
    • Misc XMLSpawner updates.
    • Slasher of veils & Stygian Dragon artifact drop.
    • One charachter slot flag.
    • Jester hat of chuckles crash fix.
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  2. Vorspire

    Vorspire Illustrious Member JustUO Developer

    Awesome work guys, looks like a lot of good stuff :)
  3. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Ditto that! Excellent :)
  4. SomeDude

    SomeDude Renowned Member

    Very awesome great job all :Thumbsup:
  5. timothy

    timothy Renowned Member

    Awesome !!!
  6. Punkte

    Punkte Distinguished Member

    Do you have the EC support included in this release?
    I didn't see any of the tags, was just curious.
  7. Ravenwolfe

    Ravenwolfe Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer

    No, no EC support at this time.
  8. Neo

    Neo Renowned Member

    Is there a issue with downloading It doesn't include the Server (core)Folder in the file? Ive tried numerous times with same result.

    Also Source code (zip) (which does have the Server core folder) throws a error when compiling using the file

    Antivirus disabled as well.
  9. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    The releases are a pre-compiled version, therefore the Server folder isn't needed, as this is never read by JustUO.exe, it is in effect, compiled into the executable
    The releases are a pre-compiled version, therefore the server folder isn't needed for it to run, as the files are "compiled" into the executable. Which is why, when you make any changes to the scripts in here, it must be recompiled.

    If you're looking for the latest most up to date version click "Download Zip" on the right side of this page and use the compile.WIN file in there, some systems may require you to run this as Admin to work.
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  10. Neo

    Neo Renowned Member

    Figured that out and did download the file you were talking about, Reason I asked I couldn't find Item.cs to make changes for one of the high seas scripts located here on forums. thanks for the speedy reply.
  11. Darbo

    Darbo Renowned Member

    Just thought i would check it out guys, great job! Going into world building i tried to decorate mondain's legacy nothing happens was that taken out or something? or [decorate ml not working either.Just UO release 2
    Last edited: May 18, 2015
  12. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Are you using the command in two words? It should be [DecorateML one word I believe.
    Alternatively you could use the [CreateWorld command gump, and select/deselect what you would like to have done.
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  13. Darbo

    Darbo Renowned Member

    thank you Dian [DecorateML did work sorry for my ignorance
  14. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Right on :)

    Dont be so hard on yourself though.. even after some 14+ years at this stuff, I dont know nearly as much as I should!
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  15. Forest Condon

    Forest Condon Illustrious Member

    Just wondering if this project is still being worked on? Haven't noticed any svn commits since release in march.
  16. zerodowned

    zerodowned Administrator Moderator JustUO Developer Gold Star Member Et Cetera, Et Cetera

  17. Forest Condon

    Forest Condon Illustrious Member

    Oh sweet, I am new to the Github thing and didn't notice that section. :)
  18. afm

    afm PlayUO Prospect

    Are you guys working on an OSI equivalent build of RunUO or are you going to be adding customer OSI-incorrect scripts and systems to the distro?

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