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House Builder r5 by Krrios

  1. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Dian submitted a new resource:

    Krrios House Builder! - House Builder r5 by Krrios

    I realize there is newer version than what I have posted, and am searching that one out. I will update the newest version I am able to find :)

    Read more about this resource...

    Get the older House Builder RC5 in the above download, OR...
    House Builder RC-13 here:

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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Some images of the program, for an idea of what to expect :)




  3. Milva

    Milva Renowned Member

    I remember this program :)
  4. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Yea! If I can manage to find time, I want to try to update it with a Zoom function for the larger houses being built. And would be neat to also have an option to use -or not use - the foundation, too. Not sure I am that much a programmer though! We'll see :)
  5. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I have found a much more evolved version of this, version RC_13, and has a massive amount of added items for building. I tested it, and it does load and works. Id loaded slow for me however, and when I tried to expand the size of the tool box, it froze up. That was where I closed it out. It may be fine, I am just really needing to spend time on other things, so I will just post it here, and if you (whoever) wish to try it, great. Let me know how it go's.

    The source is included, although it is a bit of a mess from the last person and needs some love. I will eventually play with it, unless someone else does first!

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  6. Döschl

    Döschl Super Contributor

    hi, i startet the program, but windows 8 doesnt like that. cant says ... error.... and quit. not errormessage....

    Greetings Döschl
  7. Döschl

    Döschl Super Contributor

    oops sry downloaded the old version .... yous works very fine TY!

    next error:
    System.TypeInitializationException: Der Typeninitialisierer für "Ultima.TileData" hat eine Ausnahme verursacht. ---> System.Exception: Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "System.Exception" wurde ausgelöst.
    bei Ultima.Client.GetExePath(String subName)
    bei Ultima.Client.LoadDirectory()
    bei Ultima.Client.get_Directory()
    bei Ultima.TileData..cctor()

    cant read the path? from client? i creat a .reg file, and write the pathes in it...same error.
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  8. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Yes, like I said, I have not been able to test this very much yet. This was developed back on Windows XP and NET Framework 2.0 (Maybe even 1.1)

    It will not be stable on Windows 8, that much I can almost be sure of. I can not really help you with it right now, other than you might try running it with compatibility mode Windows XP setting. ?
  9. Döschl

    Döschl Super Contributor

    ah okay, no problem...i thought, that to stupid :) t ry it with compability mode from xp
  10. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I dont know if that will help or not, but it is worth a try :)
  11. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

    Question. Does this program add the newly created house into the MULTI.MUL file? I haven't played around with making custom homes to offer players, but it could be something fun to make and offer for others to enjoy adding to their shards.
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  12. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I believe it does save to a text format that you can use with a multi editor program, yes. But it will not (that I know of) within itself enter any houses created into a multi.mul file.
  13. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

    cool thanks
  14. Doug Lambert

    Doug Lambert Renowned Member

    I am running windows 7, and it won't load for me (rc13) running as admin and in xp compatability mode, any other ideas what mught be wrong here?
  15. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

    I wasn't able to get it to run under windows 7 either. :(
  16. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Yeah, these are old, written back on an XP platform. I use windows 7 too, and did get them to load okay, but still were not fully operable.

    I really posted them so they could be had if wanted, as well as hoping someone might else might take interest in updating the source to work with current Framework and Windows.

    The images you see in the first post are current images that I took at time of the posting, on a Win7 system.. so they can work. However there are still some issues, being its old code.
  17. Doug Lambert

    Doug Lambert Renowned Member

    Ok then my guess would be I need some runtimes, will see what I can come up with, thanks :)
  18. Daeus

    Daeus Super Contributor

    Does this have to be in the Client directory? Or is it stand-alone?
  19. JohnnyB

    JohnnyB PlayUO Prospect

    if u could make a build a build menu with a turn option for turning the house in game, that would be great.

    I did find a program with that feature, but I lost. Saved it on something, misplaced that something, you know.
  20. Solar

    Solar PlayUO Prospect

    Guys, how to download this program?:)
  21. Zynia

    Zynia PlayUO Prospect

    Ive spoken with others who have gotten this to work on Windows 10, but on Windows 7 with compatibility in any version it won't load. Lags out on loading toolbox and wants me to close it. Any other suggestions? Haven't spoken to Krrios since we all used to play Gunbound together lol. Thanks in advance <3

    Ultimately I'm just trying to customize a 31x31 plot so I can show Mesanna who's boss.

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