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Discussion in 'Suggestions and Requests' started by Ishya, Nov 28, 2014.

  1. Ishya

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    ok here is what i am thinking i am looking to add a command that will link items like bags and gates and i would also like to add a few commands of my own for an adult shard also a point command where a curser comes up and you can target something and it will say what it is if you would like alot more detailed of what i am looking for please ask i can go into alot more details
  2. Milva

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  3. Ishya

    Ishya Super Contributor

    thank you that works great i needed to do nothing to the script
  4. Ishya

    Ishya Super Contributor

    ok i am looking to add custom emotes to my server is there a way to do it in the main emote script or do i need a hole new script
    I would also like some custom commands like open bracet [ commands
  5. zerodowned

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  6. Ishya

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    Thank u I will look at that tomorrow and was anyone able to find a link gate or link bags script that works I have a linked gates script but I can not get it to work I have posted it under script support this was one of my main goals today was finding the linked bags and gates and getting them to work
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  8. Tukaram

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    I have not taken a look at the script yet - but Ishya said it worked... so here it is :) So glad I am able to download from them now....

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  9. Ishya

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    sorry all i moved so i was un able to get online for a while now i have to redo the hold port forwarding thing all over again
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