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    Hi - so I just recently put up a server and I am looking for a partner. I currently just play on it by myself, and i'm learning how to script and such. It's basically just a project that is far from being done. If you're interested and want more details you can PM ME or email me at UOVeteran@mail.com.

    Thank you, very much!

    Allow me to expand on what kind of server i'd like to have. I want an old school PvP server with perks. Custom towns, custom town rule set, town invasions, different style faction system, re-invent the order/chaos guilds and classic housing. I would also like to keep it as AoS but give it a pre-aos feel. That is just the basics of what I want and if any of it is appealing to you please contact me. I can't do this alone nor do I want too. I would like to have a partner in crime so to speak!
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    I'd suggest giving more information about what you want your shard to do so you get people with a similar vision.
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