Looking For UOL Expertise for A New Map Making Project About To Release...

Discussion in 'Software: tools, applications and coding' started by gametec, Dec 26, 2014.

  1. gametec

    gametec Administrator

    Dian Please Delete This Post As Well Thanks... I'm preparing before you make changes. Makes sense to have everything in one place and this post is irrelevant now.


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  2. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    !! Spoiler Alert !! :Jawdrop: :Jawdrop:

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  3. Doug Lambert

    Doug Lambert Renowned Member

    Well, I don't know about being able to do what you are asking, but I would definitely like to try out your new software :) I am an experienced programmer / designer, which will help if there is a bug report to be made. And besides, I was just about to get started playing with creating some maps, as a side project.
  4. gametec

    gametec Administrator

    I'm currently working on, in the beginning stages of (remaking from the ground up), a new transition editor for the map creator suite... this program should* be able to draw and output 2way and 3way transitions. Dragon can only do 2 way, mapgenerator2 I think can do 3way, and this suite is designed to do 3way as well. I'm working with my programming instructor (kind of learning as I go along); not sure when it will be done though. We have the code from the transition editor and transition wizard off UOLandscaper... We'll be using that as a reference.
  5. Doug Lambert

    Doug Lambert Renowned Member

    Very nice, looking forward to seeing your results!
  6. Oden

    Oden PlayUO Prospect

    Looks Cool. I am rather Adept using CenterED for map editing and have done A huge amount of edits using that. This would be a interesting new tool
  7. gametec

    gametec Administrator

    Well it's changed up a bit gui-wise. I'm still working on it, but I'm concentrating on classes so things have slowed a bit.


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  8. Johnny

    Johnny Super Contributor

    Personally, I like using ULive Map Streamer over CentrED. But this here is peaking my interest.

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