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  1. Neshoba

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    looking for somebody that knows scriptin and can break it down into simple terms and show me what I need to do to fix a few things ,,, don't realy need you to fix it just help me and show me what im doing to get it working ,,, have a few things that are shard specific and want be released to public but also have a few that will be released here as soon as I can get them working if interested let me know here and will send messenger info for yahoo (edit) 2/2/16
    making slow progress but getting there is still a few shard specific customs Im needing help with and a few other custom systems that aint quite there yet that I can release here with headers intact of original author of script xanthos safe res,, owltr4 fsats taming and a couple of Vhareans systems these are all custom written by others

    <<getting closer to going public with shard ,, still a few months out >>>
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  2. Talon Nyte

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    i couldnt get the safe res to work either but if you look at my posts you will see a RK Protection script that works about the same way as the one you are trying to get to work as in it lets players if at a rez stone rez with a 30 second yellow immortal health bar and in the script it can be changed from 30 seconds to whatever you want it to go to untill they can get back to the body what i did was set out rez stones at the entrance to the dunges. and other points in game with a stone to call the dead body to them for a price hence gold and item count going down as everyone calls the body to them or if they dont have the gold to call the body then they have whatever time limit thats set in the script to get back to the body gather the items in the pack and run like mad. ill just repost it here

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  3. Neshoba

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    got the ankh workin with RedBeards help but got this 1 also as a backup gonna test the anhk for a few days (( xanthos safe res is way at bottom of list for now but will revisit it at a later date))
  4. Neshoba

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    Still looking for a scripter with a little time to spare and help Me learn :) I can be found at Neshobas Gorean World ip IP port 2593
    If not there any staff can take a message or leave a pm for Me

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