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  1. Anakh

    Anakh PlayUO Prospect


    Me and my friends are creating a UO server. OSI Style Up to ML.

    We all work withing programming so we got the scripting part. We just need more members to our group.

    Message me with your skype or steamID.

  2. Anakh

    Anakh PlayUO Prospect

    Hello everyone, I just made a very short introduction of what I am doing. Let me start over.

    My name is Daniel I am UO vet and engineer.
    Me and my team of developers are in the works of creating the one and only UO:ML era vanilla server.
    It is going to be exactly as AOS/SE/ML was ment to be. And nothing more than that. It is going to be F2P, you never going to have to pay a cent, or ever going to be able to pay a cent to play.
    We might add event items, but never costum artifacts etc. We will add the old UO Rares, so that means for example, new young player tickets that change every 4 month etc to get something special.

    Why would all of this sound so attractive to players?
    Well we are in the process of releasing something big, that will change the field of UO and make 100s and 1000s of NEW persons to join and try UO.

    After the server launch (Which will be a dedicated server hosted by our company) we will launch something else. A iOS version of UO compatible with the PC version, you can play on any platform you want, where ever you want, whenever you want. In the middle of a trade? And you need to have a bathroom break? Take your phone, sit down on the toilet and continue with the trade.

    This sound impossible? Hah, it is not. It is in development, join our team and view the progress, join our team and be a part of something new, big and exciting.

    We will have more than one server on the shard list, but that is after we hit a certain % of the player base.
    Our server can handle an extreme amount of users.

    We are looking for scripters, art workers, moderators admins and GMs.

    Join us today.

    Add me on Steam or Skype:



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