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    I'm posting this for Kitten until we can figure why she cannot post on here


    Old School Uo is the sister server of The Playground. After recess is over its time to get back to work. You've played with the toys on The Playground; now its back to the square root of 2. Old School Uo is a OSI-based shard that relies heavily on crafting. While having some perks of The Playground this is Osi, which means you start from the ground and go up. We have a mature and friendly staff base who are more than happy to assist new players, as well as the veteran player with any questions they may have. So come check us out and experience school like never before. You're not too cool for Old School...Old School UO!

    Host: srv62.destard.net
    Port: 2693

    Client and hue file provided at


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