OSI Maps vs Custom Maps

Discussion in 'Map Work Discussion' started by Sareus, Feb 23, 2015.


Which Style do You Prefer?

  1. OSI Maps

  2. Edited OSI Maps

  3. Completely Custom Maps

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  1. Sareus

    Sareus Super Contributor

    I have always liked and felt comfortable with the OSI maps and always felt they just needed a little love in some places that were otherwise abandoned or void of much of a reason to go there. However with this mind set I have encountered people who have openly engaged me in debate that Custom maps or horrible because they then have to completely relearn the game. I guess what Im getting at is I feel People who take the time to build a custom map from scratch dont get nearly the credit or recognition they deserve because so many people jump back into UO and look for that closest to their heart OSI experience and Im just here looking at these beautiful Custom map servers with Low Population and can't help but feel bad for the amount of work vs reward that comes out of that process. In conclusion to anyone who ever hand crafted a Map I've noticed and I envy your mapping skills to an unbelievable level. Keep up the great work!
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  2. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    I voted completely custom. I've also always said that I'm building my map the way I want it, and even if only a handful of other folks ever play on my shard - at least I'll have the experience I've always wanted. I think a lot of times shard owners focus on building a huge playerbase for one reason or another, when really in my opinion its about quality over quantity. Not saying 100+ quality players would be bad, just that a high number of clients isn't my focus necessarily.
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  3. Ce Jayce

    Ce Jayce Administrator Staff Member JustUO Developer Gold Star Member

    Also voted completely custom. The biggest thing that put me off from playing on custom servers, wasn't the learning but the delivery method and installation of the patches and a slow internet connection. Too many MBs to download, often just a zip file I had to overwrite existing files with making regular UO or other servers unplayable and means I couldn't patch my original client. I know how to install a patch without breaking anything now but when I was new to the game & free servers I didn't.
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  4. Talshani

    Talshani Administrator Staff Member World Builder

    All custom here as well but we just set up with Ultima Live and we are liking it a lot! That way we have OSI maps for people who want those maps and our maps are there as well. That way I can stay where I want to be :)
    I agree with Ce Jayce also. It is the changing files I think people are not wanting to do. One day maybe a patcher will be made to do all of this separate from the original files so there are no worries about it. So far Ultima Live is the best thing we could do.
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  5. ruaduck

    ruaduck Renowned Member

    I put Edited Maps. I am one of those that loves OSI and the way it runs. There were a few expansions in the past that i did not necessarily agree with how they went or what they added, so there i am able to make custom. However i never had problem with the maps themselves. So knowing where to go and what to do in an area is a big thing for me when finding servers. Custom content is also a big sell for me. As long as the base is OSI.
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  6. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    I have had a hard time voting. I like the OSI maps in some ways. We of course have some 13-14 years of building a custom map we love. After spending that much time detailing a map, we see just sloppy work on the OSI maps everywhere. Dont get me wrong, at the same time they are really great maps too :)

    I guess what I am saying is I am really in between. I like both OSI and custom.

    So.. I am left undecided yet on the vote.
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  7. Tukaram

    Tukaram Super Contributor

    There is so much I have never explored on the OSI maps... Custom maps can look very good but I just never got into them. Part of playing such an old game, for me, is the comfort of being on an old game. Meaning I know where to go and what do. It is like an old friend. Personally I prefer a shard to be as close to an OSI clone as we can get - but with more quests :)
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  8. SimonOmega

    SimonOmega Distinguished Member

    Give me MS Paint and Dragon.
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