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  1. Oden

    Oden PlayUO Prospect

    Hello everyone,

    A Update to the current status of Relonia Shard.

    I have opened up a few staff positions and currently am looking for another Developer as well as someone who has some talent in the web media and advertising...

    I am also seeking those who want to help world build. Decorate work with Spawns etc ... I am especially looking for someone with a working knowledge of the XML spawning system....

    I do not have a number limit for the positions available... the more that are willing to help the sooner we can move out of beta & go Live.

    Please feel free to visit our site at ... There you can get a few screenshots of what we have done so far... (more pictures to come) ....

    Some updated information about our shard.

    Server Features List:
    • Felucca, Trammel, Iilshenar, Malas, Tukuno, TerMur Maps are all available (Most have customized additions to them)
    • PVM
    • 350 Stat Cap
    • Unlimited Skill Cap
    • Account per Person ( there can be more than 1 Per IP but will need to be added manually)
    • Faction Item Reward System
    • 100s of quests with quest specific Gear that can be won
    • Special Levelable Gear: Some of these can Drop off of monsters or crafted and others are quest only
      • Armor,shield : Max of level 50
      • Weapons : max of level 100
      • Jewelery : max level 50
      • Clothing : max level 30
    • Staff and Player hosted auction system
    • Lots of Staff hosted events
    • Up to 12 Houses Per account !.. (you start with 2 slots )
    • Several new Custom Cities and dungeons.
    • Custom Client with lots of new Monsters and other unique graphics .
      (Client based of of client required to log in and play Will not offer support for any other clients at this time )

      And more to come
    if you are interested in learning more about the staff positions or you would like to help beta test please feel free to respond via pm here on the forums or you can send me a email at

    Relonia Shard
  2. Sherrie-D

    Sherrie-D PlayUO Prospect

    Hi, are you still looking for staff? I am an experienced shard decorator and I have also had my own shard before as well as been staff on at least 2 other shards. I have been on UO shards since I was 25 and now am 45 so I am well experienced in all shard ins and outs. If you still need help please get in touch@ my email address Thanks

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