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    Below are numerous RPG Name Generators for everything from towns/cities to characters to gods to organizations. I've found them invaluable for not only world creation, but also for lore/plotline ideas. Hopefully someone else finds them as useful. I placed a star next to the better (imo) ones.


    Chaotic Shiny

    Fantasy Name Generator




    Random Name Generator

    Seventh Sanctum


    The Forge

    Roll 3d6 ★ - Has a particularly awesome "Horse Name Generator"


    Yafnag (Yet Another Fantasy NAme Generator) ★

    Fantasy Name Generators ★ - "Plant and Tree Name Generator" is fantastic for a detailed custom world

    I take absolutely 0% credit for any of the above.

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  2. Dian

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    Awesome, thanks! Ive used a couple of those too, and yeah invaluable!
  3. Talshani

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    Another idea on names:

    I took different languages and words from those languages to make a name. Dian says a lot of our towns have names you can not pronounce but the thing is many cultures in the real world have town names we can not pronounce. You just shorten the name when you talk about it. :)
  4. Talshani

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    Ok so was around with one of the name gens. Can not remember which but it came up with this!

    Poke Great Virgin's Bower

    I just had to share 0.o
  5. m309

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    Perfect! :eek:
  6. Talshani

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