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  1. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    What is Stealth?
    Stealth is an alternate non graphical Ultima Online Client using technologies as Razor\Steam to interact with a Server. This means Stealth act as the man in the middle, emulating a valid client to a server and a valid server to a client. Stealth is a Russian\Ukraine product, that may be a reason many people never had heard of this client.

    Stealth comes into play with a lot of features such as :

    • Support of encrypted and non encrypted clients
    • Packet Support for any known clientversion and protocol of official clients
    • Non graphical connection and interaction of multiple accounts
    • Dynamic version emulation and third party handshakes
    • Native Support of UOP and MUL Files
    • Helper application (external dll) allowing Razor-like functionality of hotkeys and other features
    • Autopatcher for new Stealth versions
    • Build-in mapping system and coordinate racking
    • Build-in Pascalscript Scripting Engine with pseudo-thread events
    • Build-in Python Scripting Engine with pseudo-thread events
    • External Scripting Application Support (unmanaged and managed, external dll, experimental yet)
    • Extensive packet logging\debugging Features
    • Client-sided commands for datacrawling (Gumps, Objects)
    • Active development with support directly by the Team or community
    The Current Team
    • Vizit0r - Main Developer
    • CFA - Main Developer
    • Boydon - English Support, Python Support and Hotfixes
    • Crome696 - English Support, Pascal Support and Hotfixes

    Resources - Main Page for Manuals, Forum, Script-API-Wiki. - ScripUO, Big Source for Scripts for EUO, OpenUO, also with it´s own Sub-Forum for Stealth.I´ve written most Tutorials on Scriptuo - Pascal Script with Stealth for beginners.
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  2. Lokai

    Lokai Illustrious Member

    Does this work in 64-bit machine? I am not able to run it.
  3. Greed

    Greed Grandmaster Member Gold Star Member

    I got it working with my 64 bit laptop on other shards. That being said it only sort of worked on a shard run by that same laptop, but I wouldn't be surprised it that was because I configured it incorrectly.

    Edit - A "brief" guide:

    1) Download the latest version here:

    2) Extract the download to a folder, I titled mine Stealth

    3) Open up that folder and then open the Stealth application.

    4) Click on the main tab, then from the main tab click on what I have circled in this image:

    5) Then from the Profiles setup page that comes up click on what I circled in this image:

    6) Now from the Shards setup page which comes up name the shard you are adding whatever you like. Also type in the address and port of the shard along with the client version of your client. Additionally click on the little folder icon next to where it says MUL or UOP Filepath and navigate to your UO main directory. Mine is this for example:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic
    Lastly click on the little clipboard and pen icon to the right of where it says Selected Client and then select your client.exe from the directory you just used. Then click Add, Save, and Close. Here you can see an example of what mine looks like to help:

    7) Now back at the Profiles setup page create a new profile by typing in whatever you want at name, followed by your account name in where it says login and password in where it says pass. These are of course specific to whatever shard you are connecting to. Lastly select the shard you just added from the drop down menu and then click on the green plus icon and save and close. Here is mine for reference:

    8) Finally back at the Main tab select the profile you added from the drop down menu and click on connect. You will be ask which shard you want to join and which character you want to use. You can use the UO Journal tab to talk to other players and the Map tab to move around. To move you open the map tab and then right click anywhere on the map and then click on Move here. Here is my main tab for good measure:

    Again so far I haven't gotten it working on my own shard but it works on other peoples' shards just fine.

    P.S. If it gives you any error message use the task manager to close Stealth and then just reopen the Stealth app and in my experience so far that solves w/e the problem may be. Oh and make sure to close any other UO client related stuff such as UOSteam or Razor or w/e.

    Edit #2 - I eventually got it working with my shard as well,
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  4. Greed

    Greed Grandmaster Member Gold Star Member

    Massive edit to my last post to add a guide. Hope it helps.
  5. Lokai

    Lokai Illustrious Member

    OK, it opens up when I use that one. For some reason, the one I downloaded before looked like the newest, but when it ran, it auto-updated by downloading what was supposed to be the latest, but that was the one that gave me the error "You should ask the developer for a 64-bit version of this software." So, it looks like it is working now, until it needs to autoupdate again, then I will probably be messed up again. :)
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  6. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    It´s build in Delphi with 32Bit. But i use Windows 8.1 64 Bit and no Problems. However we also did some tests about a 64-bit Build. The
    Main Product works,but the Helper dll then doesnt work (in my eyes not really needed) on 64-Bit Stealth Build.

    It all depends on the correct Configuration. I didnt thought you guys needed such deeper Guide how to, but i once made an instruction for Scriptuo a few years ago how to connect on EA with stealth.If liked i can also add a briefly instruction here..

    Atm. Vizit0r is out of his Country and unable to work on Stealth, and he is the only guy with access to the Homepage & FTP as Admin. So a newer Build could be found here : .
    CFA posted this with dozens of Hotfixes.

    You can Disasble the AutoUpdate anywhere. The Updater does nothing else then Compare Checksum on FTP with your local Version and try to update when a different Version is up. As stated above, Vizit0r is currently unreachable so we host the files temporarly on some hosters if required. this is an Older Build, but it contains the API-DLL for C# Scripting in Stealth. A User provided the dll and it seems to work very quick and good.
    The Way to run the Api is :
    Start Stealth, Select an Profile you want then Start your C# Code as Admin and execute. The dll does add an Connection to Stealth and communicate with Stealth.
  7. Johnny

    Johnny Super Contributor

    I imagine you can't run this AND a UO client at the same time.
  8. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    You can link a normal UOClient to your Stealth and connect to Stealth as Server with no latency loss via Localhost:5005 Username StealthClient Password Admin (Its written in ini).
    So you either can start a client via Stealth and let stealth do the forward or run Razor (no UOSteam) and connect onto Stealth as Client.

    I go this way because i dont like the helper dll, but some users wanted it. So i use Razor Features combined with Stealth Features..
  9. Johnny

    Johnny Super Contributor

    cant connect to mine or someone else's. But I am sure everything else is right for set up.
  10. Crome696

    Crome696 Illustrious Member

    I used both back then.. If you want send me your Connection Details to your Shard via PM and i will test it at home and resend you valid Connection Informations.
  11. Johnny

    Johnny Super Contributor


    I am was using version 6.5.3 and could not connect.

    I am now using 6.5.2 without any problems.

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