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Change the appearance of equipment

  1. Hank

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    Transmogrification - Change the appearance of equipment

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  2. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    This is a test to see if the resource would update properly, which it does.
    The other transmog thread won't update properly. I posted on that one where to get my latest version of it.


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  3. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

  4. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    I am trying to get it to add a tag to the item after it is transmogged but where it will still hold its original name

                                o_item.ItemID = t_item.ItemID;
                                if (useapphue == true)
                                    o_item.Hue = t_item.Hue;   
                                if (del== true)
    // addition
                                o_item.Name = o_item.Name+"[Transmogged]";
    // end addition
                                m_From.SendMessage("You spend {0} Gold turned your equipment .", m_cost); //你花了 {0} 金币幻化你的装备。
                                m_From.FixedParticles( 0x373A, 10, 15, 5018, EffectLayer.Waist );
                                m_From.PlaySound( 0x1EA );
    but I can not seem to get it to work
  5. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    like this way works with items that have a custom name but not with strings
  6. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    Nevermind I see another issue with this way, everytime the item is transmogged it adds in a new [Transmogged] tag
  7. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    I don't have a lot of time to look into this at the moment. But off the top of my head you should be able to add another string below the name in:
    public override void AddNameProperty(ObjectPropertyList list)
    If that is the optimal way I can't say for sure. But in my testing to try and get the pre-aos weapon props (ruin, might, power etc) I was able to get text below the name with another list.add but mind you, that you can only call list.Add(1053099 once in that method. (I think). If punch into google: ( <question) (without <>) you should begin to find things to help you achieve this.

    Then you could check variable(string, int, etc) or check a method. to see if it already exists so that it doesn't add it twice.
  8. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    So one issue - player can only transmog a Deer mask user MAJOR not MINOR. Even though it has over the 120 durability they keep getting that message.
  9. Tasanar

    Tasanar Super Contributor

    Ah also I need to re-look at this just found out todays players can transmog garg items to human and wear them around
  10. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    Seeing as how I didn't touch the part with armour this is 100% correct out of the box.

    DeerMask is Clothing. look in ...Scripts\Items\Clothing\Hats.cs
    If you want to include this as an armour I recommend handling armour the same way or similar way that I handled weapons.

    Yup, and the anim doesnt support that. Forgot to mention that, whoops.
    Same for human items to garg. Just like with the deer mask, you could handle it the same way I did weapons.

    If you're using this on a live server and you didn't thoroughly test it before implementing it, that's on you.
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  11. Walter Gress

    Walter Gress Renowned Member

    Do you have a version of this that will run on Serv-UO?

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