Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy (UOSL)

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    "Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy (UOSL) is the pre-alpha version of Ultima Online from 1996. UOSL is the first graphical Internet MMORPG."

    "The aim of the project is to provide an insight into how one of the first MMORPG experiences felt like."

    Folko is back at it brewing up a fresh breathe of nostalgia. As of a few days ago he has been making updates to his open source github project, UOSL.

    Let us take a quick look at UO during 1996... Take into mind this is currently feasible with UOSL!


    For more pics & history on pre-alpha check out Auric's Ultima Moongates.

    Ultima Online: Shattered Legacy (UOSL)

    UOSL Github Repository

    This repository contains the following projects:
    • libuosl: a library to access the data formats of the original client. It can retrieve graphics, sounds, map information and everything else needed to implement a server or client for UOSL.
    • ViewSL: an application that uses libuosl to browse the client data files, e.g. for viewing ingame scenes, listening to sounds, searching for graphics by name and other features.
    • SLClient: a custom client implementation that uses the original client data files through libuosl. Rendering is done using OpenGL 3.2.
    • JPhex: a server emulator for UOSL. It can be used with both the original client and SLClient. Behavior of items, spells and NPCs can be changed at runtime using Ruby scripts.
    Project Status
    • libuosl: mature, can read all of the client's data files and almost every field in all data types is known and supported
    • ViewSL: mature, can view most of the client's data files
    • SLClient: pre-alpha, I'm mainly doing experiments and prototypes here, especially the rendering is very slow because I'm currently focused on other parts
    • JPhex: beta, has support for all game mechanics but not all scripts are implemented, e.g. some items are missing and the NPCs are not very smart yet
    Screen Shots

    Getting Started
    "GitHub lacks some documentation as I'm currently in the progress of moving the site from Google Code to Github. You can find more information about running the server in the Wiki of the old page."
    UOSL Wiki

    "I suggest you try the original client with the JPhex server as my own client is not really usable yet, but the original client works really well and every feature is supported by the server. You can run around, spawn monsters, fight them, use all magery spells etc."

    The wiki provides a link to the original pre-alpha client.

    Spread the word!
    "I've tried to advertise it on other sites before, but failed to find anyone that wants to help or was interested in the project."

    -Will Folke

    Note: I am in no way affiliated or part of this project. I am simply giving Wills awesome project some exposure. It definitely needs to be appreciated for what it is.
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