How To Unpack UOP files to MUL: UOFiddler

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  1. Dian

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    This will cover unpacking the LegacyMapMul.UOP files from the Ultima Game Client folder, to the old standard Map.MUL file types using UOFiddler.

    You can find UO Fiddler on this thread:


    With UO Fiddler open, at the top right side of the User Interface, you will find two little arrow icons < > that allow you to scroll through the available plugins. The UOP Packer is the very last plugin listed using the right arrow.
    Select or press the UOP Packer tab.


    Now we want to open our Ultima Online Installation folder, and find the Map files. They are the following files:


    The files with the X are now the replacement files for the old MapDif files, that hold any small difference's to the map. I do not know the absolute reason or specifics to this, but I believe they are for temporary differences to the map that OSI/BroadSword wants to make, rather than changing the real map. These are needed as well.

    Make a new folder in your UO Fiddler folder for this set of map files. For this example, I made a folder named OSI_maps


    Copy the map files listed above (or just the ones you want to unpack) from your Ultima Online folder to this new folder, and then copy the address from the address bar of this folder. (this makes things easy for next step)

    Now, we pull the UO Fiddler back up. Paste the address of the folder with the maps into the text field of the UOP Packer screen. *You can just use the browse button as well to find the folder*
    And then select the Extract UOP to MUL selection.


    Press the big Start bar to begin the unpack process...
    This will take a few moments, and there will be a status at the bottom left of the process as it happens.
    When finished, you will see the status area show: Done (9/9 files extracted)


    Now you can pull your folder back up and check your new files. You should have the following new files.. as well as the UOP set you started with.



    You now have a set of map files to use as you wish. :)

    This process would be the same should you want to reverse, and Pack the MUL files to UOP by simply selecting the other button, Pack UOP to MUL on the UOP Packer plugin page.

    There is another tab that is for packing/unpacking a single file, however this page will work a single file as well as a group of files just the same. I actually use the Every File option of the UOP Packer for a single or group of files myself.

    Hope that helps! This is not specific to just the Map files, as it is the same process should you want to unpack/pack the Gump, Art or Sound files too.
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  2. zerodowned

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    I followed the link and downloaded a fresh copy to be sure. Last tab I see is Skillgrp
  3. Dian

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  4. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Here is the UO Fiddler package I have been using with the UOP Packer plugin installed. You will need to create your own Profile, and possibly set the file paths to the Ultima files as you normally would with a fresh UO Fiddler..

    Version 4.6

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  5. Darkling89

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    Glad you added a link to UOFiddler with UOP Packer plugin, if you dont mind may I add a link to this topic in my Adding Sounds tutorial so users can find it easier?
  6. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Yeah, sure :)
  7. zerodowned

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    I seem to be experiencing a Id.1.0t error because the tabs still aren't showing o.O
  8. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    serious? hang out for a sec.
  9. Darkling89

    Darkling89 Renowned Member Gold Star Member

    Might need to make a tutorial on how to install the UOP Packer Plugin :Dead:, I didn't have that much trouble getting it installed on mine...just drag and drop if I remember correctly.
  10. zerodowned

    zerodowned Administrator Moderator JustUO Developer Gold Star Member Et Cetera, Et Cetera

    trust me, drag and drop isn't the issue here ;)
    maybe i need an older version
  11. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    There is the other UOP packer program that is a stand alone program, I believe Carl Hamillton posted in the Tools repo forum you might check out, if Fiddler still will not install/work for you.
    It does the same thing, about the same way too.
  12. Case burg

    Case burg PlayUO Prospect

    Anyone ever figure out the problem of the tabs not displaying correctly? I just tried to download your Uo Fiddler with the UOP Packer and I cannot see the Plugins tab nor anything when I go into the plugin manager. :(
  13. sloan

    sloan PlayUO Prospect

    So you have to go into the fiddler folder and unpack the UOP then load it in the fiddler menu

    is this the mul conversion for standard UO files?
  14. Apocalypse

    Apocalypse PlayUO Prospect

    ok so i got this to work (works on some machines and not others i have found) i have a question though. Since i did that, my UOFiddler gets major errors and wont display animations or art or anything for that matter.. i removed both my UO folder and my UOFiddler install and its still coming up with errors... any ideas what i can do to remedy this?
  15. willfaith

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    idem :/

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