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Discussion in 'Map Work Discussion' started by Nadious, Aug 4, 2016.

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    Hey everyone! I had few questions about UO Architect. Before I ask, I just want to point out that I've been around the UO world for a LONG time. Played on OSI back around the years of 2000 (can't remember exactly when... I just remember my box was the T2A box.. it was before they introduced Trammel / Felucca) and over the years, I have run a few personal shards for some friends of mine and we had a great time. We tired to put together a shard a few years ago and it stalled in the process. (Mainly just me... who has ZERO coding knowledge... LOL) So, here recently, we've tried to get the ball rolling in hopes of finishing what we had started and having fun playing UO again. (I never grow tired of playing UO. Best gaming years of my life.)

    I've started to use UO Architect and it is a great resource for someone like me, that is build stupid. I've been able to load a few buildings and tweak them the way I want to put them in game. But there are two things that I can't seem to wrap my head around:

    1. Is there any way in UOA to increase / decrease Z (height)? I've tried looking everywhere for some kind of documentation and I can't find it. There are some great buildings and stuff built, but there are often times where I want to raise / lower some of the tiles in there and I just can't figure out how to do it.

    2: Roofing. I'm not seeing any way to do roofs in UOA and I read on here correctly, it would appear that you can't do roofs. So, my question is how do these buildings that I'm pulling in (via .uoa files) already have roofs on them? Are they being placed and finished in game and then pulled back into UOA?

    3. If #2 is correct, then I assume there is a process where you can import stuff from the world that you make that you can convert to .uoa files. Is there any guide or documentation on how to do this?


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