UO Architect v2.7.3 2014-11-14

UOAR is one of the most powerful building management tool for ultima online ever created.

  1. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    UO Architect v2.7.3 - UOAR is one of the most powerful building management tool for ultima online ever created.

    UOAR Credits:
    Xandor - Lead Programmer
    Khaybel - User Interface & Support
    Poeharen - New Lead Programmer

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  2. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    Using the UO Architect Tool By the bazookas from CraftUO

    After following the instructions in the readme file and getting everything to compile, to use UO Architect on your server, simply run your ServUO.exe server (ServUO Shard). In the console, you should see “UO Architect Server for RunUO 2.0 is listening on port 2594).
    1. Now, go to the UOArchetectClient directory (it’s in the same folder as the RunUO Shard directory) and open UO Architect.exe.
    2. Press “Connect” (in the top bar). Press the Add button. Enter in the following:
      1. Name: myshard (doesn’t matter)
      2. IP Address:
      3. Port: 2594
      4. User Name: WhateverYourAdminAccountNameIs
    3. Press Save
    4. Select that Server in the Server Listing box, and type in your password (I would also check Save Pwd so you don’t have to enter the password again--esp. since this is a local test server and there’s no risk involved), and press Connect.
    5. VERY IMPORTANT: Go to the Options tab (on the left-hand side
      1. Uncheck “Auto-detect” (Use registry)
      2. Type in the path to your Rel Por Ultima Online Classic folder... e.g. Mine is C:\alan\Rel Por Bundle\Ultima Online Classic
      3. If you don’t do this, then you won’t be able to send commands to your UO client (i.e. you can’t put anything into the game.
    6. Open Razor and log in on your admin account (assuming you aren’t already)
    7. You are now ready to use the tools

    Some things to play with

    To learn the ropes, here are some things to try:
    • Database Tab: This will have some sample files. Note that the Castle, for example, is extremely large, and I found that [m tele'ing around it cause my client to lose connection for "too much data pending". It might be good, rather, to create your multi's in smaller pieces, perhaps the size of a player's screen--33x33.
      • Build: When you select something and press “Build” it gives you another window--press Build in THAT window and you target in-game (again, you must be logged in as your Admin to use this tool). After placing it, the handy controller window allows you to move it anywhere; very, very cool.
      • Editor is awesome
        • F1-F5 allows you to go to different “levels” for multi-story structures
        • I’m not sure what Build and Build quick do; it’s probably meant to go straight from editor to in-game but doesn’t seem to be working for something
        • Save / Save As, and it pops into your database and is ready to use!
        • NOTE: When you actually build it, wherever you target is the NW-most tile... AND, in the editor, there is a default foundation thing you are building on, and the W and N sides of it appear to not be tiles (b/c of how walls are in UO), but they ARE tiles, which can look funny if you aren’t putting walls down. Of course, that foundation thing isn’t there when you actually build the multi.
        • Patch Muls only works if you have designated an output MUL file in Options Tab
      • Preview is pretty cool (you gotta zoom out if it’s a huge multi)... neat for making screenshots ;). You can File->Save Picture if you like.
    • Move Tab: This allows you to select either an individual item and then move it with that excellent controller, OR select all items in an area and move it. The Min Z and Max Z filter out what z levels are included in your selection, and the dropper can be used to sample a z level with your target. There is also an extract button that is just like Extracting (see below) but it defaults to a Unassigned “New Design”
    • Extract Tab: this is like the “[writemulti” command for XmlSpawner, only it puts it into the UO Architect database; basically it gives you a bounding box, and writes any item in there into the Multi, and it immediately is accessible in the Database tab. Note that it does not write LandTargets, just StaticTargets / items (i.e. it wouldn’t write hard-coded map tiles like grass and mountains, but it WOULD write hard-coded castle walls / tiles in the map). For some reason Wipe and Tele don’t work... but you can just use “[wipe” and “[m tele” for that
      • Options Tab: This can be used to designate whether or not certain item types are included in the extraction. Note that if, for example, you have a Castle or something that is hardwired into the map .mul file, then turning off "Statics" checkbox would make it so your multi wouldn't include those things.
    Few more Easter eggs in app
    - can import multi dat file that saves after closing UO to import into database all AOS buildings you came into radar range of.
    - Build makes it possible to build buildings into your server world then brings up a move dialog so you can move the buildings around so you can setup your own cities.
    - eye droppers make it possible to select min and max Z of building before extracting from map to database. Works on AOS and static buildings. This includes being able to extract decorations as a group.
    - right mouse button on most buttons has an effect. Example left click something to extract might grab a single item, right click will allow you to do something like the straight lasso tool in photoshop like grab odd shape buildings from map.
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  3. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    I made this tutorial video for Runuo svn but it should work just fine.
    Video is available in 720p

    In this video I forgot to mention how to connect to the server. See the post above for details on how to do so.
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  4. Hank

    Hank Super Contributor

    More Building Items and Example
    Here is a larger Toolbox.xml file you can add to your uoarchitect files that will add some more items you can use in uoar. NewItems.xml is a good example of how you can add any item from your UO art to be able to use in uoar.
    Place them in your UO Architect 2.7.3/Client/Internal folder. you can overwrite the old toolbox.xml or .bac it
    (don't try to use NewItems.xml as the toolbox.xml or uoarchitect will error out.)

    Edit: 4-17-2015
    If the program has an Unhandled exception This means that something is happening that the program was not coded to handle. Not that it does not work.

    UOArchitect requires MUL file format. The new UOP format will not work!

    You may or will need to add UO information to your registry for everything to work.
    I in no way take responsibility if you screw up your computer, windows or registry
    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online\1.0]
    "ExePath"="C:\\Games\\Electronic Arts\\UO\\client.exe"
    "StartExePath"="C:\\Games\\Electronic Arts\\UO\\uo.exe"
    "PatchExePath"="C:\\Games\\Electronic Arts\\UO\\uopatch.exe"
    Just replace the path with the location of your UO install. (yes the double \\ are required)
    This is saved to a txt file, then rename .txt to .reg and double click to merge it.
    possibly for a registry file to take full effect you have to restart your computer or log off and log on.

    If you don't have have a registry entry in "SOFTWARE\Origin Worlds Online\Ultima Online\1.0" Then the Ultima.dll will not be able to detect that you have an installation of Ultima online on your computer.

    If you can open RegEdit. go to Edit > Find (crtl + f ) and type in client.exe, make sure all the boxes are checked, except match whole string only. click find next. Then press F3 until you find a valid registry entry for an ultima online install. make note of all the locations you find one. If the place I listed above is not one of them. Then you'll need to make the reg file and merge it just like I describe.

    Ultima.dll is old and does not recognize the new installation locations. From my testing it is not possible to swap it out with the newer openuo dlls.

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    Last edited: Apr 17, 2015
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  5. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Awesome Hank, Thanks a lot!
  6. Kiriton

    Kiriton Renowned Member

    Does this work for the latest JustUO server?
  7. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    It should, yes
  8. Kiriton

    Kiriton Renowned Member

    Then I dont know what im doing wrong, I followed all of the instructions and it runs on the server, but when I try and login on the client, It tell me the server either had a critical error, or my credentials were incorrect.
    JustUO - [http://www.playuo.org] Version 1.0
    Publish 2
    Core: .NET Framework Version 4.0.30319
    Core: Optimizing for 3 64-bit processors
    Core: Server garbage collection mode enabled
    RandomImpl: CSPRandom (Software)
    Scripts: Compiling C# scripts...done (cached)
    Scripts: Skipping VB.NET Scripts...done (use -vb to enable)
    Scripts: Verifying...
    Finished (4253 items, 1001 mobiles, 9 customs) (1.36 seconds)
    Searching for Ultima Online installations...
    Found 1 Ultima Online installations:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\Electronic Arts\Ultima Online Classic

    **** VITA-NEX: CORE ****

    Root Directory: Scripts\Custom Systems\VitaNex\Core\
    Working Directory: VitaNexCore\
    Build Directory: VitaNexCore\Build\
    Data Directory: VitaNexCore\Data\
    Cache Directory: VitaNexCore\Cache\
    Services Directory: VitaNexCore\Services\
    Modules Directory: VitaNexCore\Modules\
    Backup Directory: VitaNexCore\Backups\
    Saves Directory: VitaNexCore\Saves\
    Logs Directory: VitaNexCore\Logs\


    [VitaNexCore]: Compile action started...
    [VitaNexCore]: Compiling Services...
    [VitaNexCore]: Compiling Modules...
    [VitaNexCore]: Compile action completed in 0.02 seconds
    [VitaNexCore]: Configure action started...
    [VitaNexCore]: Configuring Services...
    [VitaNexCore]: Configuring Modules...
    [VitaNexCore]: Configure action completed in 0.41 seconds
    Regions: Loading...done
    World: Loading...Loading Compendium Page Renderers
    done (110685 items, 2760 mobiles, 6 customs) (3.35 seconds)
    Restricting client version to Action to be taken: LenientKick
    ServerList: Auto-detecting public IP address...done (************)
    06:11:09 Joeku's Staff Runebook: Loading...
    06:11:09 Account: Chris... done.
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]:
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Load action started...
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Loading Services...
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Loading Modules...
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Load action completed in 0.08 seconds
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]:
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Invoke action started...
    06:11:09 VitaNexCore]: Invoking Services...
    06:11:10 VitaNexCore]: Invoking Modules...
    06:11:10 VitaNexCore]: Invoke action completed in 1.09 seconds
    06:11:10 Listening:
    06:11:10 Listening:
    06:11:10 ----------------------------------------------------------------------
    06:11:11 Warning: 4 bad spawns detected, logged: 'badspawn.log'
    06:11:19 Client: Connected. [1 Online]
    06:11:19 Client: Encrypted client detected, disconnecting
    06:11:19 Client: Disconnected. [0 Online]

    This highlighted section is what happens when I attempt to login via the UO Architect. it says my client is encrypted? How do i fix this? I have been trying to go through the options but i dont anywhere to turn it off.
  9. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Oh, that I dont know. It may be that you are using a newer Ultima client than the last version UO Architect was created with. That is where the encryption disconnect comes from anyways. Someone might know how to help with that. I do not use this tool though.
  10. Kiriton

    Kiriton Renowned Member

    which tool would you recommend for JustUO and ML
  11. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    a mix between UO Fiddler for viewing and I suppose Pandoras Box for in game GM use. Probably the best things going.
  12. Kiriton

    Kiriton Renowned Member

    ya I have both of those but fiddler is a bit confusing to use.
  13. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Fiddler is for the most of us, just a file viewer. Unless you intend on editing client files anyways. Then yeah it can be a little confusing on how to operate the editing portion.
  14. Jack Handy

    Jack Handy Distinguished Member

    Just some info in case other have the same issue I did.

    applying this to fresh justUO master gives c# error compiling MobileSaver.cs line 110. seems to be caused by the lack of FortuneTeller.cs mobile from runuo, either adding that file to Scripts/Mobiles/Healers/ or commenting out line 110 fixes the issue.
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2015
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  15. Yvan

    Yvan Renowned Member

    I did all the follow up but i keep getting an error message saying "the computer your trying to connect is blocking access"
    Any idea what i need to do ?

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