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    UO Evolution is a dedicated custom Ultima Online shard that has been producing professional, well-coded material since it's inception in 2010

    UO Evolution is ranked #1 in the custom shard category on over 30 Ultima Online top list sites

    We have a professional, full-time staff of 10 volunteers and dedicated scripter to produce new, challenging content, never before seen by the Ultima Online community

    Here are a few more reasons to play on UO Evolution

    •UOE has been online for over 4 years, 99% uptime and a reputation for quality service
    •Active Owner and staff on daily to provide customer service 7 days a week.
    •Our Professional Staff has worked on RunUO, Orbsydia and JoinUO teams
    •Ongoing investment into the shard, hardware, and advertisement to provide the best connection, and best ping times
    •Hosted on a Dedicated Server connected by an Ultrafast Backbone with over 150 Gbit /
    Unlimited Bandwidth
    •Full time developer and new content weekly
    •Passion for the game - Played since 1983 (Ultima III) and actively developing shards since 1999
    •Member of the RunUO Community since Jan 1, 2004
    •The staff is dedicated to running Daily Events
    •100's of Custom Quests
    •300+ players online daily and over 10,000 accounts
    •The graphics are custom and updated, check out the UO Evolution Screenshots
    •Well developed Wiki and Forum
    •It's FREE to play!

    Our players really enjoy our shard, but don't just take my word for it, read the player reviews and comments

    Want something that offers a truly unique experience never encountered before? Then try UO Evolution Custom Freeshard.

    Compliments to shard and staff - Read More

    Official Website and Shard Info


    UOE News Feed

    Shard Updates

    UO Evolution - Upcoming Events
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    UO Evolution adds New Samurai Empire Expansion!

    UO Evolution Ultima Online free shard has added an extensive amount of New Samurai Empire content to compliment the original SE:UO expansion.

    The UOE team has been working on creating new buildings, monsters and systems to enhance the limited content from the original UO:SE expansion that was released by UO back in 2004.

    The original reviews about the Samurai Empire expansion were not great, so it was always our intent, as developers, to make this new addition have
    engaging, relevant content that enhanced the Asian theme.

    There are no other UO freeshards that have this expansion and this
    exclusive content is what sets UO Evolution apart from the other free
    shards...

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    Hello Fellow Britanians!

    UO Evolution is calling all brave warriors to return to the kingdom!

    ***UO Evolution Reunion***

    We sent out an email to all of out old players from the past 6 years and invited everyone to return for the grand auction and Father's Day events.

    If you want to return to the shard this weekend, we are setting up new accts and giving max stats for new/returning players to skip the grind and preview the shard.

    I ask the community to welcome all of the new players as well as the returning players. Make sure we help them all get started again with some gear and friendship!

    UO Evolution has been growing again and I would like to keep the momentum going. We hit the 800+ players online mark, which very few freeshards have ever achieved.

    Our next goal would be to break 1000 players online! We will need a community effort to attract new players and to continue growing our playerbase. Please log in often and keep voting daily, to keep us #1 on all the top shard lists!

    ***House Drops/IDOC Events***

    We are going to do house drops in July. This is a great time to get a bunch of old rares and gear. It's also going to free up a ton of prime housing locations, so get ready for the land rush!

    Even if you are not participating in the events, make sure you log in and refresh your accounts. Inactive accounts with no log ins for over 6 months are subject to deletion! LOG IN NOW!

    ***New Custom Content***

    Kane continues to deliver weekly updates every Friday and adds new content for us to all enjoy! See the forum and developer logs for details.

    ***Event Schedule***

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