UO Fiddler 2014-10-28

The best file viewer and editor tool out there

  1. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Dian submitted a new resource:

    UO Fiddler - The best file viewer and editor tool out there

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    ** UO Fiddler version 4.6 below
    contains UOP plugin

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  2. Carl Hamilton

    Carl Hamilton Super Contributor

    Again dead on... The days of InsideUO are long over, UOFiddler offers everything it did plus a 1000 more features for developers. Best editor for changing item images, gump images, sounds, and really just about anything within the client. This is another must have for any map developer or shard developer out there. Highly recommend.
  3. Dian

    Dian Administrator

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    UO Fiddler

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  4. SimonOmega

    SimonOmega Distinguished Member

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  5. Döschl

    Döschl Super Contributor

    i have a problem with fiddler.

    Is there a requirement for .net framework?
    Fiddler crashes when I click on items. Use is it to post the error message here?
  6. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    I also have a problem with UOfiddler -- cant see any plugins
  7. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    You have to activate the Plugins before they become active. Select them in Plugin Manager, then restart Fiddler.
  8. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    plugin manager is completely blank screen no way to select any
  9. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    Odd. Where did you get the Fiddler install from?
  10. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    From the link.. Official page. I have tried numerous downloads now Updating my .net framework. As we speak. This is driving me nuts
  11. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    seriously any help man im going nuts
  12. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    Not sure what to tell you. The official download works out of the box for me.
  13. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    Damm where did you extract it??
  14. m309

    m309 Moderator Moderator

    I have mine on a partitioned drive. I've also run it from a usb stick and external drive before.
  15. Nasak

    Nasak Renowned Member

    i just have mine in the downloads folder.. hmm
  16. SamP

    SamP Distinguished Member

    UO Fiddler plugin manager is picky with what machines it will completely run on. It doesn't work on my home PC unless I compile the core with Visual Studio Express (I read Chupac's UO Fiddler guide on ServUO). After compiling the core, the plugin manager will work with whatever plugins were included in the original project. I haven't figured out how to add the UOP plugin to the core project for re-compiling but at least it's working with the stock plugins. When I use the exact same UO fiddler installation on my work laptop, the file works fine with all plugins without any adjustments. I have no idea why it does this but I found a lot of useful info browsing around Chupac's posts.

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  17. Dian

    Dian Administrator

    Like m309 said.. for me, UOFiddler has worked right out of the box with only needing to editi the Options_xxxx.XML file (where XXXX is your profile name) to set the correct Ultima Online folder directory.
    **This can be tricky depending on what client you use.. if you use old client with MUL files or new with UOP files. But there is directions explaining the two.

    I use it on Windows vista, 7, and 8 so far with same results. All plugins show, including uop packer.

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