UO Lost Lands: T2A era shard with consistent development

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  1. nightshark

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    UO Lost Lands (website link)

    Might as well plug my shard here, because, well, a little more exposure can never hurt.

    UO Lost Lands is a shard created by a player that fell in love with UO in 1999. The shard seeks to replicate the experience that so many enjoyed and fell in love with, while slightly modernizing it and improving broken or dull mechanics - T2A perfected.

    UO Lost Lands is a small community where most your interactions with players will be positive ones. As most shard owners would say about their playerbase, we have the most friendly and helpful players out there :)

    What does UO Lost Lands have to offer?
    • An experience which is largely accurate to what a player would have experienced in 1999, right down to the crafting menus, weapon statistics, AI, damage calculations and monster statistics. Additional content to the shard is taken into careful consideration whether it would fit with the ideals of the era.
    • A completely automated event system which is heavily integrated with MyUO to display your event statistics online.
    • One of the most comprehensive UO shard websites that exist.
    • Character profiles that are full to the brim with information. Info on skills, murder counts, PvM information, PvP event info, guilds and more.
    • An achievement system unique to the shard, that is fully integrated with online player profiles, and generic enough that new achievements can easily be added over time.
    • Complete PvM tracking, every monster or animal you slay is recorded in databases and displayed online, including player leaderboards.
    • Complete information available on items available in the world, including the amounts and hues of each item, and whether that item is owned by an active or inactive player. Find out just how rare that item in your possession is.
    • Consistent development and passion for the game from the shard developer.
    • Unique events coded specifically for the shard, including automated Bagball and Survival game systems.
    • A fully spawning rare system on timers from mere hours, to months. Over 100 spawning rares over the world.
    • Rare monsters in dungeons carrying very lucrative loot and rares.
    • A platinum system with an absolutely comprehensive list of rewards. 135 rewards are available and more are introduced over time.
    • A town invasion system with regular occurring invasions.
    • Randomly occurring small quests such as the Evil Mage Tower can be found around the world, with rare loot.
    • An OSI accurate bounty system as existed during T2A.
    • Capture the Flag and Double Domination games which have been tirelessly worked on to make the experience as user friendly as possible, with detailed leaderboards at the end of the match.
    • A very user friendly tournament system with tracked statistics and leaderboards.
    • The most comprehensive online tournament tracking system that I believe has ever existed on a UO shard. Every tournament match is tracked and the brackets are saved for all time.
    UO Lost Lands offers this and much more - I wrote this attempt at plugging my shard on the fly, and often, forget many of the changes which have gone into my own shard. The shard has had nearly 12 months of development put into it, and has been practically worked on as much as you would expect from someone who was full-time employed to write a shard.

    On top of this, UO Lost Lands offers zero benefits to those who donate and takes a stern approach of “if you want it, work for it”. Zero player favouritism and not a semblance of pay to win – the way gaming should be.
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  2. Ravenwolfe

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    Website looks incredible. Love the shard plans, its my favorite era. Best of luck to you! I might be logging in from time to time :)
  3. Daeus

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    I agree! Very nice website! I'll have to check it out!
  4. nightshark

    nightshark Renowned Member

    Thanks guys, look forward to seeing you around!
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  5. Ravenwolfe

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    Checked it out the last 3 days. The shard is very smooth. Which version of RunUO are you running? The movement seems to be very fluid, did you tweak the movement implementation?
  6. nightshark

    nightshark Renowned Member

    It's running with a RunUO Core of 2.5 though there are have been quite a few changes to the core. No changes to movement. Only thing I can think is that the script and variable counts are greatly reduced, I have removed about 80% of scripts, methods and variables that relate to any era AoS and beyond (and reduce it further over time), but I doubt it makes that much of a difference. It's more for my own sanity and not having to read through code which doesn't relate to the era.
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  7. Ravenwolfe

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    Ah, yeah, 2.5 has some movement enhancement that Mark and Vorspire did. For some reason I thought you were using something prior to 2.2. Anyway, very good work!
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